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Take a look at Art Republic's list of the top 10 artworks to give to your loved one's this year, and get inspired by our expansive array of artworks. You're sure to find the ideal gift with us!

Live Free or Die by Magnus Gjoen

Magnus Gjoen

Magnus Gjoen creates striking artwork full of contradictions: evocative and glamorous yet eerily macabre. The artist often explores the relationship between power and the fragility of life through his work, juxtaposing these two states to create maximum visual and conceptual effect. Magnus’s ‘Live Free or Die’ is an exclusive artwork to Art Republic, featuring a soldier on a leaping horse about to break out of frame, with imagined broken glass. Magnus’s philosophy on art and life is simple, yet impressive: “It’s about beauty, and seeing beauty in things and places you wouldn’t expect to find it.” To see more of Magnus’s work or Art Republic’s exclusive monsters collection, click here!

Sun Kissed Wendy, Las Vegas, 2001 by Richard Heeps

Richard Heeps

Richard Heeps’ photography demonstrates his true love of and empathy for his subject manner. His distinct saturated style shuns the need for digital manipulation and pushes the boundaries of photography. The seductive colour palette and relaxed subject matter of Richard’s work is a true love letter to the art of photography and the carefree American lifestyle. ‘Sun Kissed Wendy’ comes from Heeps’ Man’s Ruin series and captures Wendy at the Rockabilly Weekender, Viva Las Vegas. Although taken in 2001, this artwork was not printed until March 2021 in the artist’s darkroom. For more of Richard Heeps’ photographs, check them out here!

London, England by Guy Gee

Guy Gee

Guy Gee’s artwork brings together the world of carefully designed postage stamps with contemporary printmaking to create innovative and charming compositions that celebrate different cultures and places. Often creating detailed and intricate artworks, ‘London, England’ is no different! Click here to explore all of Guy Gee’s artwork!

Don't Be A Dick - Yellow by Hannah Carvell

 Hannah Carvell

Pairing a bold colour palette with a love of animals, Hannah Carvell creates eye-catching artworks that are perfect for this gifting season! ‘Don’t Be A Dick - Yellow’ is a typographic print hand-pulled by the artist, so no two are the exact same. This funny, yet true, 10 layer print is a statement piece for any recipient. For more of Hannah Carvell's artwork, click here!

 I Just Feel So Alone Amongst the Crowds by Charlie Haydn Taylor

Charlie Haydn Taylor

By collaging with cut-out figures from the 1950s and placing them within bold modern interiors, Charlie creates a striking visual paradox between the intimate space of the home and the isolated nature of his figures. The artist regularly tackles society’s most pressing issues along with references to other artists, such as Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and Michelangelo. ‘I Just Feel So Alone Amongst the Crowds’ is an exclusive artwork depicting a tube carriage with cut-out figures and modern references, such as online dating sites, current news, and feelings of isolation post-covid lockdown. To view more of Charlie Haydn Taylor’s artwork, click here!

Rich Enough to be Batman - Blue and Gold Dollar Sign by Heath Kane

 Heath Kane

With a background in commercial art and a love of urban art, Heath Kane creates straightforward yet profound social commentaries. He focuses on making simple, iconic pieces that evoke an emotional response. We love the playful Pop appropriation of characters and the tongue in cheek nature of his work. ‘Rich Enough to be Batman - Blue and Gold Dollar Sign’ depicts the Queen wearing a Batman mask, provoking questions about wealth and social contribution. This artwork is part of his larger Rich Enough to be Batman collection which “raises questions about wealth and social justice, through the idea that with enough money anyone can be a superhero.” Check out Heath Kane’s entire collection here!

  Amazing Red (Poster) by Charlie Evaristo-Boyce

 Charlie Evaristo-Boyce

Margate based artist Charlie Evaristo-Boyce travels extensively to find inspiration, eventually producing colourful, detailed artworks related to the experience of everyday life. On the question of what inspires him and his artwork, he has said: “I am inspired by the soup imagery that surrounds us all, images and ideas can come from every direction of everyday life.” ‘Amazing Red (Poster)’ is a handprinted typographic artwork with a positive message. This print is perfect for all of the amazing people in your life. To explore more of Charlie’s work, click here!

 Hayward Gallery, London - Large by Oscar Francis

 Oscar Francis 

Oscar Francis is a London-based design studio established in 2013 by Sarah Evans. With an emphasis on modernist architecture through bold graphic prints, any of Oscar Francis’s artworks would be a perfect gifting option! ‘Hayward Gallery, London - Large’ depicts a simplified, clean version of the art gallery located within central London’s Southbank Centre. If you’re interested in viewing more of Oscar Francis’s artwork, click here!

Vintage Paprika Tins by Charlotte Farmer

 Charlotte Farmer 

Charlotte Farmer is a Bath-based illustrator and screen printer who perfectly balances bright, bold colours and intricate details. The artist often creates vintage-inspired artworks which feature old tins and playful animals. ‘Vintage Paprika Tins’ illustrates a collection of 18 vintage tins, each with a lot of detail and fun - you could admire this work for hours and still find small details! If you want a bright addition to your space, check out the rest of Charlotte’s collection here!
Day of the Millennium Bridge by Emilie De Black

Emilie De Black 

Emilie De Black is a designer based in Newcastle who frequently depicts famous landmarks in vivid colours. In most of her artworks, there are small details that an investigative individual can easily examine. The artist’s work makes for a great gift for a friend or family member. ‘Day of the Millennium Bridge’ portrays the famous steel suspension bridge over the River Thames in London in the morning light. This artwork’s companion, ‘Night of the Millennium Bridge,’ is also available, along with the rest of her collection, here

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