Magnus Gjoen

Magnus Gjoen

We’ve been working with Magnus Gjoen since 2012. 

With extensive experience working as a designer under Vivienne Westwood, Magnus certainly knows a thing or two about style. Since making the move from designer to artist, Magnus has built a broad and highly engaged global audience. Magnus often explores the relationship between power and fragility through his work, juxtaposing the two states to create maximum visual and conceptual effect. Magnus sources imagery from museum archives and other fragments from the past to create an unmistakable dissonance within his work. We love the blending of both old and new that is so often a feature within Magnus’ artwork, creating a distinct and beautiful aesthetic. 

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Magnus is a prolific artist whose work continues to tread the delicate line between life and death. Each artwork is a tightrope walk of contradictions: evocative and glamorous yet eerily macabre. Since his debut at the Underdog Gallery, Magnus has had a range of solo shows in galleries worldwide and his work is highly sought-after by private collectors and public clients. Magnus has exhibited in Milan, Florida, London, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Stockholm to name a few and he has many more upcoming to look forward to.

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