Richard Heeps

Richard is a British-born contemporary photographer based in Cambridge. His distinct saturated style shuns the need for digital manipulation and pushes the boundaries of photography. The seductive colour palette and relaxed subject matter of Richard’s work is a true love letter to the art of photography and the carefree American lifestyle.

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Richard speaks of his fascination with the United States: “the speed, the lifestyle and technicolour is reflected in my imagery. ‘American’ colour is a major aspect in my work, it drives my equipment and material choices.” We love how Richard is determined to create a portfolio of art that connects with his contemporary audience whilst also embracing the traditional methods of lens-based photography.


Richard attended Cambridge University and gained an apprenticeship in Mechanical Engineering, before going on to complete two further qualifications in Photography and Film. Before his formal education, Richard had a longstanding interest in art, painting and photography, having first shown work in exhibitions from the age of ten. The artist’s fascination with New York during his youth was the starting point of his fixation on everything Americana, a fascination only emphasised by his visits to the country later in life. Richard has been exhibiting his work since the 1980s, and he has gone from strength to strength ever since, showing internationally at museums and public galleries such as Milan’s Affordable Art Fair, The Photographer's Gallery in London, and the Royal Academy of Art’s Summer Exhibition. Richard has released multiple books and has featured in a range of high profile publications.

We’ve been working with Richard Heeps since 2017. 


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