Lisa Lloyd

Lisa Lloyd is a contemporary artist in Brighton who strives to capture the beauty of nature, all through the medium of paper. Initially making her intricate designs from card and paper, Lisa then carefully photographs her work. These energetic artworks draw from the dynamism to be found in our natural environment.

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We love how Lisa creates layers of texture and colour that give each piece a sense of movement; each work imitates and is inspired by the plethora of life to be found in nature. The artist also takes pride in creating work from pre-loved materials. Lisa states that “there’s something magical about taking the rubbish that’s heading for recycling and making it into something you’re proud of.”


Lisa worked as an animator and graphic designer for 20 years, working in both the music industry and in television. She became the creative director and co-owner of the animation company Mr and Mrs Smith. Nine years after Lisa initially began working with paper, her art became her sole profession. Since then, Lisa has produced artwork for both private clients and commercial commissions. Her clients include the BBC, Waitrose, Conde Nast, Moonpig and The British Heart Foundation.

We have been working with Lisa Lloyd since 2021.

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