Got a big occasion fast approaching and stuck for gift ideas? We've all been there, frantically searching for a unique gift idea amongst the hoards of options to be found online. Don't worry, we have the solution! Here are our top gift ideas for art lovers; these ideas are sure to get their creative juices flowing to ensure a gift to remember!

Why not take a trip to a gallery?

Is your loved one stuck for inspiration? Surprise them with a stroll through an art gallery near you, or tickets to a specific exhibition that you know they'll love. Art galleries and exhibitions are a great way to discover emerging artists or revisit favourite more established artists, so this gift is a sure-fire way to impress them.

Underway Studio, Hayward Gallery

What about a membership or art pass?

Why not provide them with something a little more longterm with a gift a membership to your local museum or gallery? This way you can attend exclusive events, get discounted tickets and enjoy any other membership perks. Not only can you expand your cultural knowledge, but you can also support your local arts community. The collective spirit that's built once you get to know other regular members can be an added bonus!

Street Art Tours are always a good call...

Does your partner love street art and graffiti, but doesn't know the areas to look for or the artists who worked there? Investigate your local area and see if there are any tours available. There's nothing better than a guided sightseeing adventure with art at its core.

Moruzzi, Real Hugs

Get their creative juices flowing with an art class

If your partner is interested in art but doesn’t know where to start, in-person art classes are a great way to learn new skills. Classes range from beginner to expert in a variety of subjects: painting, sculpture, ceramics or screen printing. They're often available at local studios or community colleges. If in-person classes aren’t a feasible option, or the gift receiver prefers to work from home, online art classes are a great option to learn from the comfort of your own space. Online art classes such as Craftsy or Masterclass offer the user a variety of different skills and classes so they can explore subjects they most enjoy, instead of being locked in on one class.  

Take a trip to your local art supply store together

If you're completely stuck for ideas, a low-stress option would be visiting your local art supply store with them. This way they can physically see and touch any supplies or products they wants to use in their artistic endeavours. A perk of physically going to an art store in ther there's always a helping hand available. A store worker can answer any questions that may arise and can guide the buyer towards their favourite products. This is an especially useful gift for anyone that is new to pursuing art!

Books are always a good option...

Similar to exploring your local art supply store, a trip to your local bookstore can be helpful for people who may like to learn or read about art and artists but don't create art themselves. Alternatively, if you are searching for a gift for someone who wants to get into art, many bookstores offer books on learning new skills or perfecting small niches in their chosen subject. For example, if you are buying a book for an amateur photographer who shoots with a digital camera, a series of books on film cameras would be the perfect present!

Marcelina Amelia, I Only Want Everything

It’s all about ideas!

If you are buying for someone who has a constant stream of ideas, but little follow through, gifts such as nice notebooks, pens, or a tablet with stylus would be a great option. Just by having a designated place to keep their creative or artistic ideas down is an improvement from everything being jumbled inside their head! The process of physically writing ideas down can actually help to clarify or expand them for the person. 

Help them practice some self care 

Together, you and the gift receiver can practice self care in a more artistic manner by using supplies such as therapy dough/clay or other supplies such as knitting. These ideas are meant to relax you, whilst simultaneously engaging your creativity and imagination.

Make them their own studio space

Although it may sound strange, gifting your free time is a valuable present itself. If you have a spare room or extra space, why not clear up the area, spruce it up, and set up a small studio creative space where your loved one can explore their artistic pursuits?

Oli Mumby, Onyx Lake - Edition 2

To make sure the artist is comfortable...

If you’re shopping for the fatigued artist in your life, consider purchasing massage-related gifts. Gifts such as foam rollers, back massages, or ergonomic chairs can improve the quality of your artist’s life. By taking care of their body, an artist can dedicate more time to their creative goals and dedicate more time to the craft they love.

A work of art is always a good idea!

We saved the best for last: artwork! Theres nothing more valuable to an art lover than a work of art itself, so this is a surefire way to impress your loved one. Make sure to explore our collection pages Art Gifts for Her and Art Gifts for Him for more ideas on what to gift the special person in your life.