Let's face it - sometimes searching for the perfect present can be more of a burden than a joy. The trick is to hone in on one of their favourite activities, and take it from there! If your loved one is a photography enthusiast, why not gift them a beautiful photography art print for their special occasion?

Whether your loved one prefers to be behind the camera, enjoys being in front of it, or just likes to admire the finished product, this is the perfect gift for all photography lovers!

Photography is such a unique form of expression, making it the perfect gift for a creative mind. If your loved one is a photographer themselves, then even better! There's nothing like being inspired by other artists' work, so this gift is sure to uplift their spirits and get their creative juices flowing.

Here are six stunning photography artworks that are sure to catch your eye.

Richard Heeps, Nicely's Cafe, Mono Lake, Califonia


Richard Heeps

Richard Heeps' seductive saturated colour palette is a true love letter to the art of photography, making this a perfect present for a camera enthusiast. Richard's preferred subject is Americana and he deploys a retro aesthetic. Focusing on shots of deserted diners, motel signs and vintage cars, Richard's photographs are sure to add a touch of character to any space. Intrigued? Discover more of the photographer's work here.

Slim Aarons, Poolside Gossip

Slim Aarons

Slim Aarons was an iconic photographer of the rich and famous, capturing their luxurious lifestyles. These alluring scenes are a window to another world of fame and fortune, making these prints the perfect gift for someone who prefers a luxury lifestyle! Slim Aarons had an illustrious photography career spanning 50 years. His intimately candid scenes have given him an era-defining legacy as one of the most influential photographers of his generation. Regardless of whether your loved one enjoys the finer things in life, this is a great gift for a photography fan who appreciates Aarons' significance as a world renowned artist. If you're interested, you can see more of Slim Aarons' stunning work here.


Keekopie, Family Tree


Keekopie creates amazing landscape shots that are anything but ordinary. This Swedish artist combines the practicality of photography with the creativity of art through the process of editing. The result is a dreamlike image that is both surreal and familiar - a modern twist on a familiar landscape. This makes it the perfect gift for almost any art lover, or perhaps just someone that needs a pop of colour on their walls! If you think this style is the right match for your loved one, check out more of Keekopie's work here.

John Angerson, Porsche 924, Compton Martin, 2018

John Angerson

John Angerson's sharp photographs capture a moment in time, transforming mundane objects into intriguing and engaging scenes of life and nature. John has been working in the documentary photography field for decades, focusing on how communities develop and shift over time. His shots often seem eerie at first glance, but they are actually a fascinating look into the British countryside and the communities that live within it. John's work is a perfect gift for lovers of British culture and country scenes. Make sure to explore John's portfolio of works here.

Matt Jukes, Beneath the Big, Beautiful Sky III - A3

Matt Jukes

Matt Jukes creates abstract monoprints reminiscent of rolling hills and sand dunes, recreating forgotten landscapes. His work invites the viewer to seek familiarity in these constructed landscapes, with his rich colour choices meaning they fit seamlessly with any room decor or colour scheme. Matt's photographic prints are the perfect gift for someone who loves a classic - but with a twist. To explore more of Matt's work, click here

Will Claridge, First Time Crabbing: Wells-next-the-sea, Norfolk

Will Claridge

If you're looking for a more unconventional gift, look no further than the art of Will Claridge! Will takes a simple photograph and smears paint over the surface, adding an element of obscurity and mystery to the image. His experimental designs push the boundaries of photography, making these stunning works the perfect gift for the innovative people in your life. To see more of Will's unique original artworks, click here.

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