Author: Imogen Aldridge

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

More than just a place to rest our heads at night, for many of us our bedrooms are our sanctuaries – somewhere to relax and recharge with our favourite books, movies and music, or simply get some quiet time. As a personal space that’s often occupied by just one to two people, bedrooms are ideal for exploring an individual sense of style and getting expressive through your decor.

If you’re just starting on your bedroom decor journey or are looking to expand your current decorative palette even further, below we’ve compiled an inspirational list of 21 bedroom wall art ideas that may work for your space. From simple concepts and single prints to complex wall collages, you’ll find all you need for creating your ideal bedroom art collection.

1. Explore florals & botanicals - See Collection

Flowers and botanicals have inspired artists throughout nearly all of art history, with some of the world’s most famous paintings, photographs and drawings featuring a simple vase or floral motif.

Idea: Show your true love of all things floral with a medium to large floral gallery from a selection of artists, featuring a mix of floral and botanical bedroom wall art in various mediums and print sizes. Want to find a botanical print in your perfect size? Sort by size in our Floral Art collection.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - One Queen (3) by Agent X

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

2. Keep things Abstract - See Collection

Abstract is a highly experimental art form and is far less literal than other genres. Using expressive shapes, lines and colours in an array of mediums, abstract art offers a broad selection of work to suit many personal tastes when it comes to decor.

Idea: If you’re unsure of what famous prints or photographs to choose for your space, opt for abstract bedroom wall art that incorporates your favourite colours or concepts without committing to something literal or direct.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Ikikazaru, 2020 by Florence Blanchard

 21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

3. Play it up with Pop Art - See Collection

For lovers of all things bold and bright, Pop Art is a great option that incorporates vibrant block colours, thick lines, and (in older prints in particular) a vintage screen-printed feel. 

Idea: Many pop art prints, particularly those by Andy Warhol, were created in several colour ways or as a series. Create a small wall gallery of the same print in your favourite colour combinations for a stylish tribute to Pop Art.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Green Boots by Horace Panter

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image 

4. Make it monochromatic - Search by Colour

Monochromatic decor is embraced by both minimalists and maximalists when it comes to home and bedroom decor. Whether it’s an entire room of neutral tones or something bright and in-your-face, if you’re passionate about a specific colour, curating a series of one colour prints may be a great option to make your space feel more ‘you’.

Idea: Create a gallery wall or choose a singular extra-large print in a colour that fits your theme as a feature point of one of your bedroom walls.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Monterey Quartz (Small) by Nadia Attura

 21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

5. Faces & figures - See Collection

Much like florals, human form has been inspiring artists throughout art history to represent strength and growth as well as sensuality and vulnerability. Figuratism can also refer to recognisable human faces and characters in pop culture, making it a highly accessible art genre that movie and music fans love.

Idea: Curate a series of bedroom wall art prints featuring your favourite pop culture icons to display in your favourite arrangement style.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Anthropomorphic Bowie by Hisham Echafaki

 21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

6. Go wild with animals and animal print - See Collection

From incredible animal photography to striking paintings of beasts and creatures in the wild, the animal genre is incredibly popular in the art and design world. Incorporating animal silhouettes, movement, and patterns is common across many art genres, making it a great option for those looking for a variety of on-theme prints.

Idea: Choose an animal-inspired theme such as zebra or leopard and create a mix and match gallery wall featuring a selection of art styles from various artists.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Bumble Bee by Lisa Lloyd

 21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

7. Contemporary collage - See Collection

Contemporary art is a modern (post 20th century onward) art form that tends to incorporate more modern themes such as technology and current society. It can encompass a broad variety of artistic mediums and techniques.

Idea: Love to talk art, politics and society in general? Curate a collection of contemporary prints that not only work for your space but will spark conversation. Draw on both older and new contemporary artists for a varied selection of ideas and concepts.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - The Arrival by Maxine Gregson

 21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

8. Portraits and pictures - See Collection

Surrounded by endless inspiration, the art world is full of striking, creative portraits in an array of art styles. From famous faces like Marilyn Monroe to artist self-portraits such as that of Vincent Van Gogh, there are thousands of unique and striking portraits to choose from.

Idea: Select a genre of portrait, whether musicians, actors, or artist self-portraits and begin your own collection. This may be inspired by your favourite bands, films or love of the artist themselves.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Liam Gallagher - Pink by David Studwell

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image 

9. Photography perfection - See Collection

Photography is a broad art form that encompasses a wide variety of subject matter, often available in a series of photos. Variations include high and low exposure, black and white, and colour photographs – plus many more.

Idea: Choose a theme for your bedroom wall art and find a photography series that best captures your passion for the subject. Create a gallery wall from the same series that’s either symmetrical or mix-and-matched in size.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Sea Shell Motel by Richard Heeps

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image 

10. A love for landscapes - See Collection

The natural landscape has been a central component for many artists over the centuries, and continues to inspire painters, photographers and printmakers to this day. If only for a moment, landscape art allows us to transport to new destinations and see sights we may never otherwise see, making it a fantastic escapist art for a dreamy bedroom space.

Idea: Collate prints and photographs from some of your favourite places on earth that not only match your style and decor, but that can sweep you away to positive memories of travel, exploration and being in the great outdoors.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Pink Mountains by Michelle Thompson

 21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

11. Say it with street art - See Collection

Street art can be found in just about any city, but there are many famous iconic pieces that have grown in popularity with street art lovers – such as those by Banksy.

Idea: Select your all-time favourite street art print and use it as a central theme when selecting and placing additional bedroom wall art pieces. Draw on its influences, colours and style to create a fantastic gallery wall that alludes to your favourite street art piece.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Japan Cat by Moruzzi

 21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

12. Geometric goodness - See Collection

Drawing on straight lines, blocks, symmetry and simple shapes, geometric prints are instantly recognisable yet extremely varied from artist to artist. Appealing in particular to appreciators of graphic and bold design, geometric is a broad genre with plenty to offer a bedroom space.

Idea: Assemble a geo-themed gallery wall featuring a recurring shape in a variety of art styles to pay homage to the genre while incorporating your favourite colour combinations and genres.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Trust in Me by James Bates

 21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

13. Play it up with plants - See Collection

Much like landscape subject matter, green plants and succulents have inspired artists across nearly every medium and have a quality to them that art lovers gravitate toward.

Idea: Choose two large, equally sized plant prints or photographs and place them side by side on a feature wall in your bedroom. Particularly against a white background, these large bedroom wall art prints can make your room feel all that more natural and outdoorsy.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Monstera Deliciosa by Midnight to 6

 21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

14. Talking through typography - See Collection

Typographic prints usually feature single letters, words or may use a longer quote as its subject matter. Several artists, including Pop Art icon Peter Blake, have created alphabets that can be collected as a set or hung as one-off prints.

Idea: Spell out your initials or a simple word using typographic letters by a single artist or mix up the styles by combining two or more artists’ artwork. Alternatively, select a print or photo that features a quote that resonates with your personality and decor style.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - P - Blue by Ben Eine

 21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

15. You in 5 prints - See Collection

If you’re new to art collecting and are unsure what style or artist’s work best reflects your personality, it can be tricky to know where to start. That’s where our expertly curated collection comes in handy.

Idea: Keeping an open mind, browse an entire art collection featuring a broad range of styles, genres, and artists throughout art history. Take note of any that resonate with you visually, emotionally or from a decor perspective. Select five prints that you feel best represent you and create an expressive, super personal collage for your bedroom space.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Hard Being Me by Marcelina Amelia

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image 

16. City love - See Collection (New York Example)

City skylines, strangers and everyday urban sights have featured in the artwork of hundreds of artists throughout art history – be it painters, sketch artists and photographers. Cities hold plenty of cultural and historical significance and like travel destinations, can strongly resonate with those who have been there.

Idea: Search for artwork based on your favourite city and choose the piece that best sums up the spirit of the city and your memories spent there. Do this as you continue to travel to build a fantastic artistic tribute to feature in your bedroom wall art collection.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Pop Goes New York II by Dirty Hans

 21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

17. Musical and melodical - See Collection

An art form in itself, it’s no surprise that music inspires painters, photographers, printmakers, sketch artists and more. A love for music and art often coexists in the hearts and minds of creative people, and this has led to hundreds of inspired, striking music-based artwork from artists across the globe.

Idea: Choosing a particular artist, genre or art style, build a photo wall that best represents your favourite song. Or choose a series of prints inspired by and incorporating elements of music to represent your love for all things music and melody.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Nina Simone by Tim Fowler

 21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

18. Postcard & poster perfection - See Collection

Posters, postcards, album covers, book covers and even stamps have long been an outlet for photographers, painters and graphic artists to supply artwork to the events, places, music and literature they love.

Idea: Curate a selection of retro posters, postcards and covers that best reflect your interests and passions. Theme ideas include historical posters, books by a particular author, album covers from a certain band or travel.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Crack Down! Benefit Poster by Keith Haring

 21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

19. Insightfully inspired - See Collection

As well as creative takes on the alphabet, typographic prints also include famous quotes from films, tv, poetry and literature. Artwork based on quotes will often incorporate playful fonts and colourful backgrounds to emphasise the overall message.

Idea: Choose a single print with an inspirational quote and use the overarching message and colour or style to guide further bedroom wall art selections. Whether it’s something complex and meaningful or simple and straight talking, use whatever quote and style most resonates with you.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Life is a Game of Chess by The Misfortune Teller

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image 

20. Fantastic photo realism - See Collection

Photorealism is an art form focused on creating photo realistic pieces – those which are virtually indistinguishable from an actual photo – using alternative mediums such as painting or drawing.

Idea: Curate a selection of photo realistic prints and incorporate actual photos amongst a gallery wall. Not only does this speak to the photo realistic quality of each piece, but it also creates a great talking point – challenge any guests to identify the photorealist prints amongst actual photo images.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Albums and 12”s by Ian Robinson

 21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

21. Expressing creativity with the 21st Century - See Collection

Challenging many of the ideas and norms of pre-21st century artwork, 21st century artwork opened doors to new artists across the world by welcoming new subject matter, mediums and a refreshed sense of creative expression.

Idea: Create a statement wall with an extra-large sized, bold-colour print that tells a great story. Use this as an inspiration for the rest of the room by curating prints and decorative items to complement it.

21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

Get Inspired - Fit to Burst by Mark Petty

 21 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas | Image

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