Slim Aarons

Slim Aarons

Born and raised in New York, Aarons began taking pictures at the age of eighteen, after enlisting in the US Army, where he served as an official combat photographer during WWII. In a career that has since spanned six decades, Aarons’ camera lens moved from soldiers to stars and celebrities. The glamorous world of his photographs, in which effortlessly beautiful and wealthy people lounge poolside, became an iconic look. We love how Aarons worked without any need for stylists or elaborate lighting, instead preferring to photograph celebrities just as they were, creating alluring scenes that are a window into a different lifestyle. In presenting glimpses of the rich and famous, engrossed in leisurely pursuits, the artist exposes elements of a life that would otherwise not be on view. Spend a little time with these images and enjoy luxury - vicariously. 

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Aarons was a regular contributor to magazines such as Life, Town & Country and Holiday and received a front-row view of the lives of figures such as the Kennedys, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, which he then shared with the masses. At ease with the upper echelons of society, Aarons brought to his compositions a certain poise and panache that is simply irresistible. In the last few years of his life, his work, which had been appropriated or paid homage to by so many photographers, was back in vogue and widely recognised. Aarons’ intimately candid scenes have given him an era-defining legacy as one of the most influential photographers of his generation. 

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