Guy Gee

Guy Gee

We’ve been working with Guy Gee since July 2021

Guy Gee is a London-based artist who explores the merging boundaries between graphic design and contemporary art. He successfully melds the world of postage stamps with that of printing to create groundbreaking, innovative and fresh compositions that are aesthetically charming. Each artwork reminds us of places we've been or would like to visit. We love the careful detailing and intricacy of each of Guy’s artworks.

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The Terence Stamp project is Guy's curated selection of postage stamps from around the world, most notably from Asia. The postage stamp, invented in England in 1840, revolutionised global communication. All nations quickly adopted the concept making it their own. As the first form of mass media graphic design, each stamp tells its own cultural narrative, celebrating everything from commerce and innovation to art and agriculture. 

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All artworks by Guy Gee - Art Prints & Original Works

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