Art Gifts for New Homes: make a house feel like a home

The joy of filling your new home with various different pieces of art, which each individually have their own unique story, is really rather magical. Art performs a kind of story, a dot-to-dot of our experiences and memories, following us wherever we go. Why not add to your story?

Why artwork is the perfect housewarming present

Moving home is a big step. It involves upending the furniture arrangements, upsetting the dogs or cats and adjusting your everyday life. Teaspoons go walkabout, the lamp you had before doesn’t quite work where you thought it would and the new bedroom wallpaper is just a bit too floral. But once that is over and you’ve stopped stubbing your toe on the end of the bed, the thing that really makes a house feel like a home is art. 

It’s undeniable. The artwork you looked at for the past two/five/ten + years in your old home is what will recreate that same familiarity in the new. Both the piece in your kitchen that watches you wolf down a tea-cake at 11 o’clock and the framed quote that studies you every time you use the loo… is going to join you in the moving van. 

This time though, there’s room for change and room for fun. This is why gifting art to another during this new chapter of life is so special and thoughtful. Whether you are purchasing something for yourself, for your oldest or your newest friend… think outside the box with this present.

So here are a variety of our favourite works to consider out of the range of prints we offer; slimming them down to just a few for you...

To brighten up the kitchen 

For the heart of the home, choose from our most-loved Nadia Attura to a crowd pleaser by Matt Jukes:


Monterey Blues (Print, Extra Large) by Nadia Attura


Here Comes the Warm Jets I (Print) by Matt Jukes


For something simple 

If you need something smaller or more understated, perhaps for a bathroom, pick something by Roy’s People:


Balloon Boy (Fluro Green)



Balloon Girl (Red Silver)

For a living-room statement piece

Add some colour to your sitting room with one of Victoria Topping’s new works:


Dreaming of Matisse II (Print, Large)


Or alternatively, one of our Joe Webb pieces so that the snuggly TV room resembles your favourite Ridley Scott movie:


On the Road (Print)


To top off the bedroom

And for the bedroom, why not pick one of our original pieces from the marketplace, so you are sure not to see it anywhere else!

If none of these are what you had in mind and you are struggling to decide, head to our ‘Artwork Gift Card’ page to peruse our gifting options...

Or get in touch via our live-chat as we are here to answer any queries or thoughts you may have and we love to help, no matter the question! 

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