VeeBee lives and works in Brighton, UK, and is a contemporary artist who works primarily in collage and mixed-media. Although VeeBee’s identity remains hidden, their artwork is far less concealed: their palette of bright colours and well known pop culture references are highly recognisable. 

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VeeBee’s approach to art is unconventional, using spray paint on glass surfaces and inventing and experimenting with other techniques to suit different projects. We love the unpredictable compositions and the complexity of the design through which each story is told. 

VeeBee’s gallery, ‘VeeBee Art’ is located in Brighton. Although not much is known about the artist, they did attend art school and choose to remain in the shadows to enable their artwork to be viewed as a separate entity from them as a person. In the artist’s words: “I want you to have my work on your wall, not based on who I am, where I have studied or where I have exhibited my work. I don’t want to get between ‘you’ and the artwork.” VeeBee has been involved in exhibitions such as ‘The Other Art Fair’ and is exclusively exhibited in the UK.

We’ve been working with VeeBee since 2017.

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