Tom Lewis

Tom is a British artist who creates layered paintings and art prints that are a colourful, playful and whimsical mix of traditional and digital techniques. Usually starting each work with a pencil or marker pen, Tom then turns to mediums such as acrylic paint, aerosol cans, airbrushes, varnish, cardboard and digital imagery to tell his story.

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Tom creates artwork that blends elements of ancient mythology, traditional oriental design and contemporary street art to embody a unique and instantly recognisable style. We love how his characters are inspired by random doodles and the strange people he encounters, creating a patchwork of nonsensical stories. Tom places great importance on storytelling: “Social media has given everyone the power to tell their own story, but has it also helped people lose sight of why they are telling it? I think I am trying to tell stories about telling stories.”


Tom has exhibited artwork in many cities throughout the world including Hong Kong, Singapore and New York. His work was also the focal point of an episode of BBC TV's 'Junior Apprentice', from which he garnered a supportive fan base. At present, Tom works as both an artist and illustrator in the East End of London.

We’ve been working with Tom Lewis since 2012. 

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