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Ones to Watch: 5 New Artists Changing the Game

Are you on the hunt for some new inspiring talent to add to your art collection? Check out these five up and coming artists.

10 Facts you Didn't Know About David Shrigley

David Shrigley is renowned for his witty text and cartoon-like painting, but what about the man behind these eccentric artworks? Here are 10 facts you might not know about the intriguing artist…

5 New Releases You Might Have Missed Last Month

November was a very busy month for artrepublic, so here is a handy recap of some of the artworks you might have missed last month!

An Interview with Lisa Lloyd

We sit down with new artist Lisa Lloyd to discuss her stunning paper artworks, her creative journey, and the future of her work.

Our Top 10 Artworks to Gift this Year

Falling short on gift ideas? We have the perfect solution. Take a look at artrepublic's list of the top 10 artworks to give to your loved one's this year, and get inspired by our expansive array of artworks!

The Perfect Gift Ideas for Art Lovers

Got a big occasion fast approaching and you're stuck for gift ideas? We have the solution! Check out our perfect gift ideas for art lovers.

The Age of Covid: How Has the Art World Changed?

As the world gradually returns to our new normal, a hybrid world of online art platforms and in-person events is emerging. So, has COVID-19 changed the face of the art world for good?

The Power of Social Media: How Instagram is Changing the Art World

It's a brave new world - in the age of the internet the power of social media cannot be denied, so how is the art community adapting?

Q&A with Rosie Emerson

We caught up with Rosie Emerson to discuss her work style, inclusion of unusual materials, and what’s next!

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