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An Interview with Matt Jukes

We sat down with Matt to discuss his Aurora series, his experimentations with sculpture and the future of his artwork.

How to Style Colourful Prints in your Home

Why not push your interior design boundaries and experiment with some colour - here are some tips on how to style colourful artworks in the home.

An Interview with Chris Kettle

We sat down with Chris Kettle to discuss his creative process, his fascination with still life paintings, and his intriguing new print Mixed Flowers after Fantin Latour.

How to Successfully Style Street Art in the Home

Whether you’re looking for a bold centrepiece for your dining room, or a collection of smaller pieces for the hallway, why not add street art to your interior?

Our 5 Favourite Pop Culture Inspired Artworks

Are you obsessed with everything pop culture? Look no further! We've delved into our vast collection of artworks to pick out a few of our favourite pop culture-inspired pieces.

Ones to Watch: 5 New Artists Changing the Game

Are you on the hunt for some new inspiring talent to add to your art collection? Check out these five up and coming artists.

10 Facts you Didn't Know About David Shrigley

David Shrigley is renowned for his witty text and cartoon-like painting, but what about the man behind these eccentric artworks? Here are 10 facts you might not know about the intriguing artist…

How To Pick The Right Artwork For Your Space

Small space or large, dark walls or light-filled, we’ve put together this guide to help you figure out how to pick the right artwork for your space.

5 Perfect Gifts for a Pop Art Lover

Pop art is all about pushing boundaries, so they make the perfect gift for a person who loves to make a statement. Here are our top five picks for the perfect Pop Art inspired art presents!

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