Angel London

Angel lives and works in London, UK, and explores new techniques and mediums through his art, often creating pop art inspired work. He trained in art and design before pursuing a career in advertising. 

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After the loss of his teenage daughter, Angel began to create art again, using his grief as a driving force behind his artwork and a means to communicate a message of hope and positivity in the face of unforgiving adversity. We love the way he draws from his personal experience to present a balance of vulnerability and beauty in art. It is evident his past influences how he is drawn to the connection with and emotion of his subjects. As a part of his artist statement, he said: “When I create art I can connect and get lost in my work on a higher level and although the presence of death still haunts me, I focused on growth, both as an artist and a person. My work reflects the trajectory from darkness to light and I’m drawn to the play on darkness behind whatever I am working on and to capture the beauty on either side.”

Angel has exhibited in galleries in both London and the United States. His artwork has gained popularity through his various social media accounts, with a wide following on both Instagram and Tik Tok. By facing the reality of loss and mourning, Angel creates artwork that is both relatable and accessible. 

We’ve been working with Angel London since 2019.

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