With more of us working from home than ever, your four walls have never been more important. Whether it be to create a great focal point in your living room, creating a zen bedroom environment, or impressing your co-workers with a fancy Zoom background, your home decoration is the key to achieving harmony within your home.

Creating an eclectic selection of your favourite works to scatter on your walls is a surefire way to transform a house into a home. Let your surroundings become a true reflection of your identity, and follow our steps to create the perfect gallery wall from the comfort of your sofa!

It may seem a daunting task, but a gallery wall is the perfect way to inject a piece of your own personality into the home. But first there are some important steps you need to follow. Read on for our ten top tips for creating the perfect gallery wall.

On the wall: 'Amazing' by Charlie Evaristo Boyce, 'T4' by Darren John, 'Vinyl Collection '7" B Side Compilation' by Heidler and Heeps, 'The Dazzle Alphabet' by Peter Blake and Hello Marine (no longer available)

Things to consider:

1. What Are You Aiming For?

Before you start collecting you need to establish your goals. Is there a certain style you are aiming for, or perhaps a certain colour scheme you want to stick to? Look at your existing home decor to establish whether you already have a base to work from, and start your search from there. Perhaps there’s an accent colour you want to explore in your prints, or your style is more minimalist and you want to add character with your artwork choices. Find inspiration in our curated selection of limited edition artworks and start building your own collection from scratch.

2. Location, Location, Location

Before you get ahead of yourself and start picking your prints, you need to decide where in your home you’re going to start your gallery wall. There’s no use placing your new statement collection in a hidden corner of your house - display your prints in a room where they can be enjoyed the most. We recommend a series of artworks that float up the staircase or a focal collection in your living room, this way you can get the most out of your lovingly thought-out arrangements.

3. Get Your Tape Measure Out

Now it’s time to measure up. Whilst art is best viewed at eye level, don’t be afraid to spread your prints over the majority of the wall. At least one larger print is needed to anchor the whole collection together. Make sure to evenly space out your works, leaving 5 to 10 centimetres between each piece so it doesn’t feel too crowded. 

On the wall: Benjamin Thomas Taylor (no longer available), 'Le Cirque Du Monde' by Myrtle and Mary, 'Priestess, 2018' by Dan Hillier, 'Beneath the Big, Beautiful Sky II - A3' by Matt Jukes, 'Fancy' by Daisy Emerson and '29 Beer Crates - Tokyo' by Horace Panter

4. Layout is Key

What type of layout are you aiming for? Playful or organised? Eclectic or laid back? This is purely down to personal taste, but don’t be scared to mix and match different orientations and sizes - not everything has to fit perfectly into a grid formation! An even number of prints works best for a more organised formation, and random arrangements work best with odd numbers.

5. It’s All About the Proportions

It’s all about trying to get the proportioning correct. Avoid grouping prints of the same size, medium or colour together, as this can interrupt the flow of the collection and create smaller groupings. The gallery wall needs to flow seamlessly from piece to piece, so make sure to take this into consideration when planning your composition.

6. The Paper Trick

Before making the big step and securing your prints to the wall, why not use the paper trick? Secure pieces of paper onto the wall using Blu Tack to mark out the potential positioning of your gallery wall, and play with the placements to your heart’s content. This is a stress (and damage) free way to consider all design options before securing your works to the wall.

7. There’s Always Room to Grow

Make sure you leave room for growth! One of the great advantages of a gallery wall is that they can always be added to, so make sure to leave space for any future prints that you may fall in love with.


On the wall: 'Darling - Blush Pink' by Daisy Emerson, 'Colombia' by Guy Gee, 'Morning Cheerful' by Charlotte Farmer, 'Deliverance - Copper Foil' by Cassandra Yap and 'Cuban Diner' by Horace Panter

8. Time to Hang Your Prints

Now it’s time to get out the hammer and nails, and finally hang your prints. Make sure to measure up correctly and leave the appropriate spacing before making the first hit, and then get your DIY on! If you can’t hammer any nails into your walls, we suggest getting some Command Strips that leave no marks when removed.

9. Don’t Think Too Much

Most importantly - don't overthink it! This isn’t a permanent decision; they can always be changed out depending on your personal preferences. Gallery walls are timeless for this exact reason, they can change as your taste does.

10. Sit Back and Enjoy!

You’re finally ready to sit back and enjoy your perfect gallery wall! Now you’ve got the tools you need to start the ideal gallery wall, why don't you have a browse of Art Republic's variety of curated prints and start your own collection today!

On the wall: All three prints by Nadia Attura