Dan Hillier

Dan Hillier

We’ve been working with Dan Hillier since 2015. 

Dan lives in London creating and curating art as part of his own practice as well as for different exhibitions, galleries and collaborations. Through collage and the manipulation of found imagery, Dan creates captivating archetypal artwork that often explores the transcendental; the contradictory mixture of continuation and departure. We love how Dan takes inspiration from Victorian aesthetics and translates them seamlessly for a contemporary audience. 

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In the artist’s own words:

“My work is made by collaging, layering, and manipulating elements of 1800s wood and steel engravings, using digital media and my own drawing, to create work that reflects my love of the source material I work from, the natural world, various ancient mystery traditions, and the ever-unfolding and often mystical experience of being alive in a world that is apparently material, immaterial, and prone to all manner of interesting archetypal expressions and wonderments.”

“Collage and the manipulation of pre-existing imagery is a method of working that I find compelling, satisfying and often surprising. The process of moving from found imagery, through various permutations of trial and error and association between the chosen elements, allows a freedom of play and exploration that feels endless, despite its seeming inbuilt limitation.”

Dan has collaborated on projects with others such as Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, The Folio Society publishers, rock bands Architects and Royal Blood. He has also created the opening titles to BBC1's major 6-part drama 'Requiem'. Dan has held solo and group shows in Saatchi Gallery in London, The Louvre in Paris, Glastonbury Festival and the Museum of Turin, Italy. Dan was also invited to represent Great Britain at the Giant Creator Show in Beijing, China. 


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