Author: Imogen Aldridge

10 famous Pop Art prints you can own

Rising to prominence in the mid-20th century, the Pop Art movement embodied the ultimate rejection of elitism and pretentiousness that had previously dominated the art world. Drawing inspiration from everyday items, popular media and modern culture, Pop Art offered something accessible that resonated with the everyday audience.

With its bold lines, bright colours and relatable subject matter, Pop Art quickly gained fame. Famous names like Andy WarholRichard Hamilton and Roy Lichtenstein helped propel the movement across the world in the 50s and 60s, having created some of the most famous pop art prints ever. Over time, Pop Art continued to grow, leading more and more artistic influencers to emerge and grow the movement globally.

From its inception in the early 60s, the public’s love for Pop Art has never wavered, making it one of the most popular art forms and in-demand print types to this day. With this in mind, our expert team of art lovers, collectors, traders and curators have incorporated a fantastic selection of Pop Art that you can find in the Art Republic range.

Below, we've curated 10 famous pop art prints from across the decades including classic and modern options, direct from the Art Republic collection.



Keith Haring (1958-1990) is one of the most well-known and influential 20th century pop artists. Using simple lines and shapes, block colours and accessible subject matter, his work is both instantly recognisable and relatable.

UNTITLED (DJ), 1983 by Keith Haring

UNTITLED (DJ), 1983 – Untitled (DJ) is one of Haring’s many colourful works, featuring a bright yellow, dog-like figure working a series of hot pink records over a green turntable, all against a deep sky blue background. Playful and cartoony, Untitled (DJ) is a fantastic Pop Art print for those looking for a vibrant piece from an iconic pop artist.

PARTY OF LIFE INVITATION, 1986 by Keith Haring

PARTY OF LIFE INVITATION, 1986 – Demonstrates Haring’s signature style, inspired by cartoon figures from his childhood which translated into his street art and Pop Art creations throughout the 1980s. Simultaneously chaotic and simple, this print is a great addition to any Pop Art collection.



Having created some of the most recognisable Pop Art prints of all time, Andy Warhol is considered one of the pioneers of the movement. Following his debut in the 1960s, Warhol went on to inspire pop artists around the world with his vibrant silk screen prints based on banal yet relatable subject matter including mass-produced objects, well-known brands and celebrities.


CAMPBELL'S SOUP CAN, 1965 by Andy Warhol 

CAMPBELL'S SOUP CAN, 1965 – Coming in a selection of striking colour ways, Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Can perfectly encapsulates his repetitive screen printing style, making it an incredibly popular and recognisable print in the Pop Art world.


FLOWERS, C.1964 by Andy Warhol

FLOWERS, C.1964Based on a photograph of hibiscus flowers in Modern Photography Magazine, Flowers (1 RED, 1 YELLOW, 2 PINK) is part of a wider series of prints of varying colour combinations and scale that demonstrated the versatility and capability of Warhol’s screen printing techniques that helped shape Pop Art as we know it today.



Known as one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century, David Hockney is a multifaceted creator, having seen success as a painter, photographer, stage designer and printmaker, amongst other art forms. His most notable work includes vibrant paintings of swimming pools and photo collages which he created in Los Angeles in the 1960s. However, Hockney also has a large body of recognised work admired worldwide.


FIESTA, 1988 by David Hockney

FIESTA, 1988Hockney’s Fiesta ‘88 posted was originally created to promote the Bradford Fiesta, held in his home town of Bradford, UK. The print, which features his Pop Art painting Flowers, Apple & Pear on a Table from 1986 is a colourful and expressive piece that celebrates the simple things in life (in true Pop Art style).



OLYMPISCHE SPIELE MÜNCHEN, 1972Inspired by the idyllic poolside setting of Los Angeles, California, Hockney’s Olympic pool poster captures his instantly recognisable style as well as his affinity for pools and water that helped to define his wider body of Pop Art work.



Sir Peter Blake is an award-winning working contemporary artist known for his contributions to the modern Pop Art movement. Having co-created the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album sleeve for The Beatles as well as various cover art for The Who, Blake is a widely recognised British art icon.


I LOVE LONDON, 2009 by Peter Blake

I LOVE LONDON, 2009A fantastic example of ‘hardcore pop’, Blake’s I love London combines four brightly coloured motifs to represent his passion for London as a city and is part of a wider series celebrating concepts like cities, sports, recycling and more. Ideal for anyone with a passion for London and colour.


THE DAZZLE ALPHABET (VARIOUS), 2017Referencing his earlier work in true Pop Art style, this colourful, block-colour, garish alphabet series was inspired by the ‘dazzle effect’ - a colourful mode of camouflage used in World War I. Coming in a limited series of prints, Blake created each letter individually which, as intended, disorients the eye when viewed as a set.



Jake Jeffries is an artist and designer known for his love (and use) of polka dot patterns and linear structure combined with the staples of Pop Art such as bright colours and iconic figures and characters. With heavy influences from street art and graffiti, Jeffries’ work demonstrates the evolution of modern Pop Art.


LAUGHTER IS TIMELESS (RED) – Featuring the iconic figure of Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Laughter is Timeless combines the instantly recognisable facets of Pop Art with Jeffries’ signature touches including polka dots and cursive script worked into the design.


MUHAMMAD ALI (YELLOW) by Jake Jeffries

MUHAMMAD ALI (YELLOW) - Consistent with his wider collection, Jeffries incorporates the much-loved elements of 60s’ Pop Art including vibrant colours and iconic faces with his own signature polka dot patterns and loose lines to create a striking portrait of wrestling icon Muhammad Ali.

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