Dirty Hans

Born and raised in Liverpool, Dirty Hans is a self-taught painter and illustrator who finds inspiration in pop culture and the Urban Art movement. Drawing from 1950s culture movies, comic books and classic movies, Dirty Hans’ fantastical spaces are a playful take on pop culture icons and superheroes such as Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood and Spiderman.

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We love how Dirty Hans likes to play homage to these pillars of pop culture through their art, creating digital collages that are littered with visual easter eggs that pay tribute to each individual subject.

Dirty Hans began painting as a child to counteract their self-confessed hyperactive tendencies, finding the practice calming. As an adult, Dirty Hans travelled extensively throughout Europe before settling in Antwerp, Belgium for 7 years. Whilst living there the artist refined their style, drawing inspiration from the likes of Henri Tolouse-Latrec and Roy Lichtenstein. Dirty Hans has exhibited work worldwide in cities including Paris, Berlin, Miami, Antwerp, and extensively across the UK.

We’ve been working with Dirty Hans since 2015. 

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