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Nathalie Kingdon

Nathalie is a French artist residing in London. She works from her own bespoke studio located at Wimbledon Art Studios in South London, where she specialises in vibrant silk screen prints that evoke the heat of sunlit days. Nathalie gains most her inspiration from the mood of the summer and when all her work is about light and colours, it also calls to mind a certain nostalgia to the sixties and seventies aesthetic.

Her colourful and resolutely optimistic work clearly shows a fascination for the beauty of women figures with a focus on movement and attitudes.

Nathalie likes working from images collated from various sources of inspiration: vintage magazines, postcards, screenshots of movie scenes and sometimes her own photos.

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Billy Childish

Billy Childish is a British painter, musician, poet, author and filmmaker, who has worked prolifically since the 1970s. His work is known for being autobiographical and confessional, particularly in his writing, but his paintings in recent years have veered more towards romantic lyricism. Childish is an advocate of highly expressive artistic output and applies the same unfettered rigour to all aspects of his work. Childish is represented in London by L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, with whom he has collaborated to produce a range of limited edition prints, books, records and other multiples. From provocative and politically charged anti-art to traditional woodcuts and collections of poetry, Childish constantly mines his 'Radical Traditionalist' approach to keep people guessing. 

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Gerry Buxton

Gerry Buxton is a multi disciplinary artist based in South East London, his practice is rooted in the traditions and aesthetics of British Pop Art.

Primarily working in screen print he also works in painting and sculpture. With bold colours and lines his work captures the moments of beauty in the every day, from his city scapes to his more recent still lifes.

Gerry has exhibited widely in the UK and at prominent fairs in the US and Germany. He has produced commissioned works for clients including The Tate Modern, London City Airport and the Marylebone Cricket Club. Gerry has recently shown with the Woolff Gallery in London and the Lilford Gallery in Canterbury, he will be presenting a new collection of work at the upcoming Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair.

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