Oli Mumby

Oli Mumby

Oli is a contemporary artist who often portrays scenarios and narratives found in unlikely and untraditional contexts. Oli is a multimedia artist, working most recently in collage and paper cut outs. We love the bold cutouts and intricacy in his artworks. The clean cuts and layered effect of his artwork make the viewer examine each design closer. 

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Oli seeks to move beyond a purely aesthetic level in his artwork, hoping viewers recognise subjects which often go unnoticed in our everyday lives. The artist wants viewers to question what we accept as the norm - asking questions such as “How often do we look at filling stations, industrial buildings or road markings and see something more interesting?” 

The artist begins his creative process with an idea based on drawings or photographs, then proceeds to collaborate with the other added elements, allowing for compositions and ideas to emerge naturally.

We’ve been working with Oli Mumby since October 2021.

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All artworks by Oli Mumby - Art Prints & Original Works

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