Thoughtful storage protects your artwork, and lets you rotate and freshen up the art you display on your walls. The best way to store prints is either in a sleeve, or framed.


Folders or Sleeves are a safe way to store prints long term, as they ensure flat, separated storage in an easy to manage format. Archival standard portfolio sleeves are relatively inexpensive, and can be purchased with firm separators to keep prints flat.

Once sleeved, ideally store flat in a large metal cabinet, as metal is cleaner and won’t harbour any organic materials which may damage your print.


Once an artwork has been framed and cannot safely be removed from the frame, the best option for storage is to wrap in protective packaging such as bubble wrap, and seal it by tightly taping. Always place cardboard or similar material over the glass face of a frame if resting one against another.

Things to be aware of:

  • Humidity – Keep artworks in an area with good airflow and stable temperatures. Avoid basements or other areas where excessive heat or mould can warp, discolour and eat the artwork
  • Light – UV Glass for framed items is highly recommended as it protects from discolouring and fading of colours. If storing long term, try to avoid direct sunlight
  • Heat – Like humidity, heat can cause prints to warp or go brittle if the air is too dry. Keep in a room with a stable temperature and avoid placing artworks above radiators.
  • Acid – Make sure all packaging and framing is acid free, particularly where it directly touches the artwork.