Are the men in your life sick of getting a new pair of socks for every occasion? Are you struggling for creative present ideas?

Look no further - here is our list of artwork gift ideas for men who are notoriously hard to buy for - and the ones who aren't! To help kickstart your imagination, follow our gift guide below and find the perfect gift from our extensive collection of artworks. Here are a few of our favourites that we're sure your loved one will enjoy too. 

John Angerson, 'English Journey #50, 'Anfield', Liverpool, 2015'

Does he enjoy sport?

We all know a man that is obsessed with all things sporty. Whether it be football, golf, cricket or rugby, once they become a fan there's no going back to a life before that sport! Why not try supporting his hobby by gifting him a sports-themed work of art? Our John Angerson print 'English Journey #50, 'Anfield', Liverpool, 2015' is the ideal print for football lovers. Are they not a football fan? Check out our Sport: Curated Collection for more ideas!

Horace Panter, 'Made in the USA - Small'

Does he like music?

A music-themed artwork is the ideal gift for the music-obsessed man in your life! This cassette tape by Horace Panter is one of a series of music themed works by the artist - and our music obsession doesn't stop there! Whether they're a die-hard fan of The Beatles or more of a classic rock lover, check out our Curated Collection featuring all kinds of music-inspired art. 

Ryan Callahan, 'Fanfuckintastic - Silver'


Does he have a good sense of humour?

Does your man fancy himself a bit of a comedian? Is he the life and soul of the party? Get him a work of art that reflects his fun-loving personality, like this tongue-in-cheek RYCA screenprint that is exclusive to artrepublic. Art is sometimes the best remedy - having a joyous work of art at home for all to enjoy is a brilliant way to make people smile, so why not have a browse of our Humour Collection, and treat your loved one to a smile-inducing gift for his special occasion.

Jayson Lilley, 'A Little Bit of London'

 Does he love the outdoors?

Does your loved one fancy himself an explorer? Whether it's indulging in long weekend hikes or taking the dog on a quick walk to the local park, fresh air does the body wonders. Why not bring these refreshing scenes of cities and nature inside the house with a stunning landscape print? This Jayson Lilley artwork of the striking London skyline is sure to be a present to remember!

Guy Gee, 'Vietnam'

Does he enjoy travelling?

Does the man in your life love to travel? Look no further than Guy Gee's amazing collection of stamp prints. These stunning designs are an ode to the seasoned traveller, making them the perfect present for men with the travelling bug! This artwork is sure to bring back a barrage of happy memories of holidays abroad every time it's glanced at.

Matt Jukes, Hey Moon (2018)

Does he need a well-deserved break?

Life isn't all about work work work - but does your loved one know that? Encourage them to focus on the calmer side of life, helping them to relax and wind down after a hard days work. We can't help but switch off when looking at this gorgeous landscape by Matt Jukes, so your workaholic loved one is sure to appreciate this thoughtful gift.

None of these works catching you eye? Not to worry, you can find a variety of other options on our Gifts For Him curated collection page.