Author: Imogen Aldridge

5 Perfect Gifts for a Pop Art Lover

There's no denying the popularity of the Pop Art movement and it's ripple effect on contemporary art. The original movement centered around pushing boundaries and transforming 'popular' elements of mass culture and consumerism, stripping them of their purpose and context. The emergence of Pop Art resulted in some of the most iconic images of the 20th Century, and produced a plethora of household names. From Andy Warhol to Roy Lichtenstein and Peter Blake, these artists created a legacy that still influences artists working today.

Our amazing Pop Art inspired collection is the perfect place to find a gift for the people that have everything. Guaranteed to make a statement, these vibrant and playful works of art are a surefire way to make any occasion memorable. Here are our top five picks for the perfect Pop Art inspired art gifts for every special celebration.

5 Perfect Gifts for a Pop Art Lover | Image
Keith Haring, 'Untitled, 1981'

1. Keith Haring

Keith Haring's work is practically the definition of 'iconic'; his uncomplicated doodles transcend race, gender and social status, speaking volumes in just a few strokes of a brush. Successfully making street art and graffiti mainstream, his work carries strong messages of strength and unity, making these prints heartfelt and meaningful presents for loved ones. These stunning Keith Haring posters are an affordable way to introduce his work into your home. Browse our collection of Keith Haring's work, including vintage lithograph posters by the artist.

 5 Perfect Gifts for a Pop Art Lover | Image 5 Perfect Gifts for a Pop Art Lover | Image
Moruzzi, 'Real Hugs'                                       Moruzzi, 'Love'


2. Moruzzi

Looking for something similar to Haring's work but with a contemporary twist? Look no further than the work of Moruzzi. This contemporary artist plays on the idea of the logo and popular imagery, creating funky designs that are familiar yet fresh. Make sure to check out Moruzzi's selection of artworks, his colourful works would be a great addition to any Pop Art lover's collection.

5 Perfect Gifts for a Pop Art Lover | Image

Dollarsandart, 'Marilyn'

3. Dollarsandart

Andy Warhol's renowned repetitive motif that was made famous by his Marilyn Monroe and Campbell's Soup Cans screenprints is still used today, especially by the artist Dollarsandart. With a focus on money and how it makes the world go round, Dollarsandart questions the influence of popular culture and celebrities. His striking limited edition artworks are sure to be well received by your loved one. These statement pieces are guaranteed to make your guests stop and stare - in the best way possible.

5 Perfect Gifts for a Pop Art Lover | Image 5 Perfect Gifts for a Pop Art Lover | Image
Gil Carvalho, 'Stiletto - Red'                   Gil Carvalho, 'Birkin Colours'


4. Gil Carvalho

If your loved one has a particular obsession with bags and shoes, then Gil Carvalho is the artist for you. His Pop Art inspired works are colourful and bold, lighting up any room they're placed in. Often incorporating the work of other artists such as Damien Hirst and Keith Haring, Gil's prints are a great gift for art lovers and fashion lovers alike.

5 Perfect Gifts for a Pop Art Lover | Image Peter Blake, 'Y - The Dazzle Alphabet'    

5. Peter Blake

If you really want to gift your loved one a part of modern art history, why not a limited edition Peter Blake? Aptly named the 'Godfather of the Pop Art movement', Blake's witty collages and graphic letter work is unmistakable. Looking for a gift that's a little more personal? Why not give your loved one their initials from Blake's 'The Dazzle Alphabet'?

If none of these works catch your eye, make sure to check out our curated Pop Art Gifts Curated Collection for an even wider selection of prints.


CJP £75

Rewilderness - A3

29.7 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 185

Hearts & Flowers - Clementine

45 x 45cm

Limited Edition of 20

Anthropomorphic Bowie

42 x 60 cm

Limited Edition of 100

You Are My Sunshine in Multicolour -...

45 x 64cm

Limited Edition of 20

Nothing Matters - Remix, 2020 Art Print by Dan Hillier

Cats Pyramids

24.7 x 39cm

Limited Edition of 42

Daffy (Red Stripe)

70 x 50cm

Limited Edition of 50

Reginald Botanical

29.7 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 99

Lazy Afternoon Cheetah

29.7 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 99

Lone Pine, California

33 X 48 cm

Limited Edition of 25


21 x 29.7cm

Limited Edition of 100

Cherry Drop

35 x 35cm

Limited Edition of 32

Premium Sunflower Safety Matches

54 x 64cm

Limited Edition of 25

Acne Pink

30 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 100

Lemon Blossom 3

40 x 40cm

Limited Edition of 100

Adventure Awaits, 2020

50.7 x 45cm

Limited Edition of 25

Ellipsis - Remix, 2020 Art Print by Dan Hillier

Ellipsis - Remix, 2020

42 x 42 cm

Limited Edition of 100

Paralluxe Primary Edition

50 x 50cm

Limited Edition of 25

Charlotte Farmer £115 £97.75

Anyone for Tennis?

29.7 x 42 cm

Limited Edition of 50

BOUNCE! 2020

42 x 42cm

Limited Artist Proof

The Sun Rises in the East Art Print by Hooksmith Press

The Sun Rises in the East

32 x 45cm

Limited Edition of 40


29.7 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 20

Patrick Art Print by Lee Ellis


40 x 40cm

Limited Edition of 25

Vintage Girl

70 x 100cm

Limited Edition of 50

MK-Ultra II

19 x 19cm

Limited Edition of 177

Lisa Lloyd £100 £85

Hummingbird with Blue Background - Medium

29.7 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 50

Gorilla - Neon Pink

42 x 59.4cm

Limited Edition of 20

Right Hand Red, 2020 Art Print by Static
Static £35

Right Hand Red, 2020

20 x 20cm

Limited Edition of 500