Tagsmart Certificate of Authenticity

We are pleased to be offering Tagsmart Certificates of Authenticity for selected limited edition and original artworks available to purchase through artrepublic.

A unique and secure document of ownership, a Tagsmart Certificate protects you against fraud and, by fostering trust and credibility in the art market, can add value to your work.

If a Tagsmart Certificate is available for the work you are purchasing, a button will appear in your basket.

Simply click on this to add a Certificate to your order.

When you purchase a Tagsmart Certificate it will be dispatched to you separately from the artwork but should arrive around the same time. Please allow up to 28 days from the day of purchase. You may receive emails from Tagsmart inviting you to access additional information about your artwork, including notes on provenance, ownership, condition and more. This service is free of charge and optional.


Example Tagsmart Certificate

1. Every Certificate has a unique combination of security cuts, part of the web of visible and invisible measures taken to protect against fraud.

2. See the physical details of your artwork in one place, including a statement from the artist about the work.

3. You can access more information about your artwork by scanning the QR reader with a smartphone camera. You will also have the option to personalise your Certificate with your name.
Tagsmart will never share personal information with third parties unless you grant them permission to do so.

4. Every Tagsmart Certificate is uniquely signed either by artrepublic as the retailer or, if they are registered with Tagsmart, the artist who created the work.

5. The counterfoil peels off to reveal a unique 6-digit code, to be used in the event that a Certificate is damaged or faulty.

6. Certificates of Authenticity are printed on high quality, 270gsm archival paper and shipped directly to you from Tagsmart.



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