The Connor Brothers

The Connor Brothers entered the art scene as fictional characters, Franklyn and Brendan Connor. American twins brought up within an extremist Christian cult known as 'The Family'. As children, the twins were deprived of access to information from outside of their commune. In October 2014 it was revealed The Connor Brothers were actually art dealers turned artists Mike Snelle and James Golding.

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At sixteen the twins escaped to Brooklyn where they began creating art prints in order to make sense of the world they had been deprived of. Having been starved of information for so many years, Franklyn and Brendan developed an insatiable curiosity and a remarkable appetite to learn.

They developed a system whereby each of them would discover things independently and then share them with one another. This interaction developed into making artwork together, an art they described as satirical and humorous in nature, and to a certain extent debunks many of the teachings they learned as children.

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