The Connor Brothers

The Connor Brothers, Franklyn and Brendan, are fictional twins who were brought up within an extremist Christian cult referred to as ‘The Family.’ Growing up, the twins did not experience life away from the commune, and so upon entering the outside world they were soon overwhelmed. They began to explore their curiosity via the creation of artwork, focusing on the dynamic between truth and fiction, subverting reality through ‘trying to make sense of the world.’

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The duo were subsequently revealed to be British art dealers turned artists Mike Snelle and James Golding. The Connor Brothers have exhibited in galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, Dubai, London, Hong Kong, and Berlin. Their work is included in various collections: The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Penguin Collection, Omar Koch Collection, and Niarchos Collection. 

We love the darkly humorous, oftentimes satirical artwork of the Connor Brothers, and its use of found and vintage imagery accompanied by witty copy. 

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