Babak Ganjei

Babak Ganjei

Babak lives and works in London, UK, and is a visual artist, comic book writer, musician, and radio presenter. Inspired by the music and comedy of the 1990s, Babak is a prolific artist whose work is energetic, unpredictable and darkly funny. 

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We love the blend of humour, cultural references and immediacy that unites Babak’s work.

After graduating from Central St Martins, Babak has continued to share his inner-monologue through his art. Notable works include a painting of a Barclays Card auctioned in lieu of debt he owed and a set of twigs from a neighbourhood. Babak aspires to “get to a point where walking about Sainsburys would be (his) art,” pushing the boundaries of creativity and re-defining the concept of ‘art’ itself.

We've been working with Babak Ganjei since 2020. 

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