Author: Imogen Aldridge

How to Start an Art Collection

Creating an art collection doesn't have to be a daunting task. Establishing your own art collection should be about collecting artwork that shows off your individuality. At Art Republic, we want to help you acquire your own selection of prints that reflect who you are.

If you’re only at the beginning of your path as an art collector, you may find it daunting to determine which artworks you want to have around you, or which art movement is close to your heart. Most importantly, you need to have a good knowledge of the places where you can buy artworks that won’t bleed your bank account dry. 

We have the solution. Here's where to start if you want to kick off your very own art collection. Here's a hint: you might want to start with our Browse All collection.

Research the Style That’s Close to Your Heart

First and foremost, the artwork you collect should resonate with you and appeal to your personal taste. Start your journey by researching different art styles, going from older artistic movements to modern ones. Browse different art books, journals, and editorials to see what you find most appealing.

What would you want to look at every day? The artworks you collect should look natural in your environment. It is important to choose art that would complement your house and add personality to your home. There's an art to finding the balance between a curated space and cluttered space, so make sure you don't overwhelm you walls with art of all shapes, sizes and themes.

Look around your home and consider: what would fit in well? For instance, if you have a minimalist home design with blank walls, you might want to add some subtle colours with the paintings of plants. This limited edition print Monstera Deliciosa by Midnight to 6 would fit perfectly in a minimalist home:

Monstera Deliciosa by Midnight to 6 

It is important that your art collection adds to the rest of your decor, not detract from it. Art has the ability to make a home feel complete, so make sure to collect art that fits your interests. Get a feel for what you might like on our Themed Collections page.

Estimate Your Budget

We all wish that money was no object, but sadly that's not the case. Another point for prior research is the initial budget for your art collection. Having a set budget will help you decide which artworks to look at, saving you time - and it'll stop you being tempted to spend that little bit more.

When estimating your budget, don’t go overboard. Instead, start small; you don't have to buy your entire collection in one swoop. Perhaps you want to start even smaller and ease yourself into it - check out our collection of prints under £100.

Brighton - Neon by Hooksmith Press, £85

Take some time deciding how you would like to spend your budget. Unique artworks or smaller edition prints tend to be slightly more expensive, so decide whether you'd prefer this to a larger collection of limited edition artworks before you start your collection. Whatever you choose, remember that an art collection is about quality, not quantity.

Find artwork that speaks to who you are

Art Republic’s goal is to connect new and established artists, who have great stories to tell, with people interested in art that says something about who they are. We're dedicated to connecting you to the ideal artist for you and your home, not just a singular artwork. When you find an artist you love, the options are endless - take a look at our Art Republic Artists page to find your perfect match. 

Poolside Gossip by Slim Aarons

Work with an Art Consultant

If you are interested in purchasing your first in a series of artworks, you might want to consult the opinion of an art consultant to help curate your collection.

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from a partnership with an art consultant as well:

  • You will get high quality art pieces. An art consultant knows when and where to look for such artworks, and you won’t have to spend your own time searching for additions to your collection.
  • Your art collection will be properly managed. Besides helping you find valuable art pieces, your art advisor will also help organise your collection. 

Our team of art experts are more than happy to offer you advice on new artworks, up-and-coming artists, and any art world information that might aid your journey to creating your own collection. Find out how to contact us here.

Start your art collection here...

If you're buying art for a client, have you heard of out AR Trade Programme? We work with all manner of commercial projects, from new homes to offices to hotels and restaurants. Art Republic offers a personalised approach to you and your client's needs and budget. ⁠Whether you’re looking for a one-off showstopper, conducting a top-to-toe home makeover, or looking to commission artworks, we’re here to help. Contact us here if you would like to know more.

Whether you’re looking for a one-off showstopper, conducting a top-to-toe home makeover, or looking to commission artworks, we’re here to help

Most important of all, buy what you love. All other decisions come second when you find an artwork that you're drawn to. Jump right in to starting your collection, and take a look at what's New In at Art Republic.


CJP £75

Rewilderness - A3

29.7 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 185

Hearts & Flowers - Clementine

45 x 45cm

Limited Edition of 20

Anthropomorphic Bowie

42 x 60 cm

Limited Edition of 100

You Are My Sunshine in Multicolour -...

45 x 64cm

Limited Edition of 20

Nothing Matters - Remix, 2020 Art Print by Dan Hillier

Cats Pyramids

24.7 x 39cm

Limited Edition of 42

Daffy (Red Stripe)

70 x 50cm

Limited Edition of 50

Reginald Botanical

29.7 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 99

Lazy Afternoon Cheetah

29.7 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 99

Lone Pine, California

33 X 48 cm

Limited Edition of 25


21 x 29.7cm

Limited Edition of 100

Cherry Drop

35 x 35cm

Limited Edition of 32

Premium Sunflower Safety Matches

54 x 64cm

Limited Edition of 25

Acne Pink

30 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 100

Lemon Blossom 3

40 x 40cm

Limited Edition of 100

Adventure Awaits, 2020

50.7 x 45cm

Limited Edition of 25

Ellipsis - Remix, 2020 Art Print by Dan Hillier

Ellipsis - Remix, 2020

42 x 42 cm

Limited Edition of 100

Paralluxe Primary Edition

50 x 50cm

Limited Edition of 25

Charlotte Farmer £115 £97.75

Anyone for Tennis?

29.7 x 42 cm

Limited Edition of 50

BOUNCE! 2020

42 x 42cm

Limited Artist Proof

The Sun Rises in the East Art Print by Hooksmith Press

The Sun Rises in the East

32 x 45cm

Limited Edition of 40


29.7 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 20

Patrick Art Print by Lee Ellis


40 x 40cm

Limited Edition of 25

Vintage Girl

70 x 100cm

Limited Edition of 50

MK-Ultra II

19 x 19cm

Limited Edition of 177

Lisa Lloyd £100 £85

Hummingbird with Blue Background - Medium

29.7 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 50

Gorilla - Neon Pink

42 x 59.4cm

Limited Edition of 20

Right Hand Red, 2020 Art Print by Static
Static £35

Right Hand Red, 2020

20 x 20cm

Limited Edition of 500