Styling colourful prints can feel overwhelming, especially when you already have a colour scheme integrated into your interior decor. Colour mixing is a daunting prospect, but when it's done well, introducing bold coloured artworks into the home is an effective way to brighten up a space and infuse it with a sense of liveliness and personality.

Black and white prints are an easy choice, but are they too safe an option? Colour has the power to completely transform a room and evoke positive or negative emotional responses, all dependent on whether the colours work harmoniously together or not. Who says that your space has to dictate the art you buy - why can’t you use art to dictate the rest of the space? If you're at the start of your interior decorating journey, or even if you just want to revamp a corner of your home, why not choose your favourite work of art, and then design your room around that one element? Embrace the power of colour and transform your space into a more energetic and emotive environment.

Why not push your interior design boundaries and experiment with some colour - here are some tips on how to style colourful artworks in the home, and some of our favourite works that are ideal for someone looking to add a pop of colour to their walls.

Pangolin - XL by Lisa Lloyd

Create a colourful focal point 

If you’re apprehensive about introducing colour into your interior, a bold centrepiece is the easiest way to break the ice. Here’s a tip: keep the rest of the colours in the room neutral and simple, and let the bold artwork soak up all of the attention from guests and family members alike. An eye-catching composition will help create depth and movement in the space, and pop against pale walls. This is the ideal way to introduce colour to your interior without overwhelming the eyes. This bright blue artwork by Lisa Lloyd is the perfect addition to any room, especially one that is in need of a pop of character. The other subtle accents of warmer pinks and oranges found in this artwork can also be mimicked in other interior design elements; a similar coloured accent cushion or a lampshade would help tie the artwork to its surrounding environment, helping to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

Pure Paradise - Pink by Eddy Bennett

The rule of three

An easy way to make colourful prints feel more at home in your interior is to group a few of them together. Two or three bold artworks paired together will feel like an intentional artistic choice rather than a spontaneous decision, creating balance and consistency between artworks. Perhaps a cohesive set of prints from the same artist? This Eddy Bennett limited edition screenprint is available in a variety of colourways, meaning they can be mixed and matched to create a fun and bright collection of artworks. Instead of side by side, why not try stacking them vertically, or diagonally up the staircase wall? Whilst colour is undoubtedly playful, composition can be too. Check out our how-to guide on creating the perfect gallery wall for more tips and tricks.

Cosmic Abstraction I by Victoria Topping

Don’t be afraid to be a maximalist

Don’t listen to anyone who says colour is overwhelming. When used correctly, different colours can interact smoothly and effectively. Don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone and mix patterns and prints - sometimes more really is more! This abstract artwork by Victoria Topping is a trance-like print that can put you in a daze, and is the definition of a maximalist artwork. The loud bursts of colour would look great against a statement colour wall or a funky wallpaper print.

Monterey Quartz - Medium by Nadia Attura

It’s all about balance

Introducing colour into your interior is all about balance. An artwork can be used to subtly enhance the colours that already exist in the space. For example, you might choose a limited edition print that complements that shade of your curtains or sofa. In addition, the contemporary artwork will ensure that your interior feels modern and not overwhelmingly colour coordinated; art can be used effectively to enhance your colour palette. Take this stunning purple-hued composition by Nadia Attura. Though bright, when placed amongst the other similar-toned elements in your home, this print will blend seamlessly into your space. Colourful prints are more adaptable than they first seem, so why not give a bold artwork a chance?

If you want to explore more bright artworks, make sure to take a look through our ever-expanding collection of limited edition prints. Make sure to filter by colour and browse our diverse collection of bold works of art.