Hooksmith Press

Hooksmith Press is a New Zealand-born typography artist. His striking artworks hold a vintage charm that is elevated by his use of old fashioned printing techniques - a homage to a "slower time" in printmaking.

Hooksmith's love of the written word shines through in his unique collection of letterpress prints. The former fly fisher has also been collecting Kiwiana and other ephemera from his home country for over 30 years, and he is heavily influenced by his heritage.

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We love how Hooksmith embraces tradition and how his hand-crafted prints are a homage to vintage printing processes. The artist says of this appreciation of the past: "Letterpress is a medium which allows me to collect and re-use elements from the past to create something new; a tangible and tactile connection to history and a continuation of a craft."

We've been working with Hooksmith Press since 2022.

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