Travel Art

Are you missing that holiday feeling? Relive your trips abroad with our carefully curated collection of travel-inspired art. Live vicariously through our extensive selection of limited edition prints that can transport you to all corners of the globe, and make sure to browse our collection below.

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Central London (Black) by WillMake(s)Things
Ready To Hang
Central London (Black) £365


36.5 x 50cm

Limited Edition of 150

Swim-in-Pool Supply Co. £895

Richard Heeps

76 x 107cm

Limited Edition of 10

Miss Travel UK £55

Maria Rivans

26 x 33 cm

Limited Edition of 100

Ices (Yellow), Bexhill-On-Sea by Richard Heeps
Sold Out
Ices (Yellow), Bexhill-On-Sea £100

Richard Heeps

33 x 48cm

Limited Edition of 25

True Love by Benjamin Thomas Taylor
Sold Out
True Love £295

Benjamin Thomas Taylor

50 x 70cm

Limited Edition of 50

Statue of Equality £250

Ralf Laurenson

60 x 80cm

Limited Edition of 50

Lone Pine, California £100

Richard Heeps

33 X 48 cm

Limited Edition of 25

Hotel Motel (Mint) £900

Kate Gibb

122 x 145cm

Limited Edition of 15

Under A Hot Dusty Sky £850

Bonnie and Clyde

105 x 75cm

Limited Edition of 60

Daytona Pier £160

Maxine Gregson

50 x 50cm

Limited Edition of 100

Genova Pegli West by Massimo Vitali
Genova Pegli West £4,185

Massimo Vitali

90 x 70cm

Limited Edition of 120

Hove - Neon by Hooksmith Press
Sold Out
Hove - Neon £80

Hooksmith Press

22 x 11cm

Limited Edition of 8

Great Britain by Guy Gee
Ready To Hang
Great Britain from £395

Guy Gee

Various sizes

United In New York by Jayson Lilley
Sold Out
United In New York £150

Jayson Lilley

31 x 24cm

Limited Edition of 25

Roadwords £120

Oli Mumby

42 x 59.4cm

Limited Edition of 100

Oldsmobile & Sinful Barbies £300

Richard Heeps

58.4 x 39.4cm

Limited edition 25

Riding into the Sunset £120

Frances Featherstone

40 x 50cm

Limited Edition of 25

The Oldland Isles – Set of Four by Justine Smith
Sold Out
The Oldland Isles – Set of Four £850

Justine Smith

33.5 x 41.5cm per print

Each print is from an edition of 60

Vietnam by Guy Gee
Sold Out
Vietnam £395

Guy Gee

53 x 56 cm

Limited Edition of 100

Red Pike by Jo Crowther £420

Jo Crowther

50.8 x 40.6 cm

Limited Edition of 50

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