Maxine Gregson

Maxine is a contemporary artist that combines typography, photography, grid layering and nostalgic imagery to create intriguing artworks. Her hand-pulled screen prints are a unique union of vintage motifs and futuristic compositions. Maxine's artwork is often described as 'Nostalgic Futurism'.

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Blending retro and current imagery together, she creates surrealist artworks that are futuristic yet familiar. We love how Maxine's art is brimming with mystery and intrigue. Her vintage-inspired limited edition prints are a delightful mixture of old and new influences.

After working as a commercial graphic designer for over 10 years, Maxine now works as a print maker from her base in North London. With experience working on campaigns for clients such as Cadburys, Mercedes and Nivea Men, Maxine's illustrious design background shines through in her intricate artworks. 

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