Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde is a female contemporary artist and printmaker that creates visually arresting scenes of urban life. Working from her studio in Brighton, her main practice centres around the use of mixed media collages, using photography, paint and print to bring to life her eccentric cityscapes. 

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We love the way Bonnie and Clyde embraces the bizarre, combining multiple methods of artmaking to create a layered collage that reflects the dynamic scenes of her urban environments. Bonnie and Clyde draws from her personal inspirations such as music, film and iconography, subtly incorporating these into her work to create a personal outlook on a public city space.

After studying 3D design at Kingston University, Bonnie and Clyde established her own graphic design business in Manchester. However, it was in Brighton where the idea of fusing together her passion for photography and graphics was born. This practice became the foundation of her distinctive aesthetic. Bonnie and Clyde has been exhibited regularly at galleries across the country. Her solo shows at London galleries 45 Park Lane and her appearance at the London Art Fair for Liberty Gallery are only a few notable exhibitions in her illustrious career. Bonnie and Clyde has also been a part of numerous joint shows, where her work has been exhibited amongst the work of Gavin Turk, Yoko Ono and Kim Gordon.

We’ve been working with Bonnie and Clyde since 2009.

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Paradise (Lost and Found)

112 x 72cm

Limited Edition of 60

Coffee and Cigarettes

50 x 50cm

Limited Edition of 50

Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Mini)

Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Mini)

29.2 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 75

Play to Win

110 x 77cm

Limited Edition of 60

Now The Fun Begins (Mini) - Artist...

42 x 30cm

Limited Edition of 60

Under A Hot Dusty Sky

105 x 75cm

Limited Edition of 60

Future Is Now

50 x 70cm

Limited Edition of 100

Disco At The Wellness Retreat

70 x 98cm

Limited Edition of 75

Welcome Home - Mini Art Print by Bonnie and Clyde

Welcome Home - Mini

29.5 x 41.5cm

Limited Edition of 75

Time to Daydream

82 x 115cm

Limited Edition of 75


70 x 50cm

Limited Edition of 50

Lesson 1. Happiness (Mini)

41.4cm x 29.2 cm

Limited Edition of 75

Magic Power

65 x 91cm

Limited Edition of 70

A Quiet Neighbourhood

82 x 82 cm

Limited Edition of 60

The Ace

98 x 70 cm

Limited Edition of 60


56 x 76 cm

Limited Edition of 75

Now The Fun Begins

115 x 82 cm

Limited Edition of 60

The Soundscape

72 x 72 cm

Limited Edition of 75

Everybody Loves the Sunshine

80 x 115 cm

Limited Edition of 60

Cocktail Hour - Original

108 x 78 cm

Limited Edition of 1

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