Jayson Lilley

Jayson is a contemporary artist who creates at the forefront of printmaking practices, incorporating painting and collage techniques into his process. He adopts a distinctive approach towards modern landscape that is heavily architecturally focused, whereby certain familiar landmarks are zoomed in on and iconic structures from the metropolis are reproduced. We love Jayson’s innovative triaging of silkscreen, painting and collage to create electric compositions that are filled with colour. 

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When prompted about how a life in art came about, Jayson responded:

“I was always making things as a child... not being too academic (dyslexic), I found drawing, painting and creating a lot more fun than reading and writing.” - Jayson Lilley

Before turning a hand to printmaking, Jayson spent fifteen years as a book cover designer in London, where his creations achieved an award-winning reputation within the realm of graphic design and advertising. His artwork is now held in collections across the world from New York to Japan and from Hong Kong to Moscow. Jayson has been shortlisted for the Westmorland Landscape Prize and has exhibited widely, including at the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition.

We’ve been working with Jayson Lilley since 2016. 

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