Little Fish Design

We’ve been working with Little Fish Design since May 2020.

The London-based artist and graphic designer Little Fish Design creates playful artwork that is both quirky and humorous. The combination of disparate imagery and materials such as sweet wrappers makes for eclectic and entertaining compositions. We love the light-hearted amalgamation of classical and contemporary, bringing together renaissance-inspired portraiture with advertising icons. 

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Little Fish Design has always admired the work of Robert Rauschenberg and Peter Blake and is inspired by the unconventional use of cultural references and commercialised products within their artworks. Little Fish Design takes this inspiration as a starting point and plays with it further by creating fantastical contemporary pastiches that appeal to the viewer’s sense of humour. The artist says their work developed through “growing up in an advertising family where I was always exposed to all sorts of art from a very young age”. 


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