Whatshisname is a Polish-born contemporary artist now living in London. His satirical designs are a humorous take on popular culture, particularly the work of American artist Jeff Koons. The artist's name alone stirs intrigue, and their body of work is intended to challenge the viewer’s preconceived views of the culture they live in.

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We love how Whatshisname’s bold designs and playful cast of characters are out of the ordinary, and intrigue the ordinance with their subtle yet witty changes. He is always one step ahead of his audience, using his self-proclaimed “outsider advantage” to create a vision of popular culture that is tongue-in-cheek. From his parodic sculptures to public projects, every Whatshisname artwork is a visually powerful pop culture statement.

Whatshisname started creating digital art at the age of 7 using the Atari 130 XE, where he would build each image pixel by pixel. It was only after moving to London in 2006 and working as a studio assistant that he started to craft a personal aesthetic by fusing an understanding of newer technologies with more traditional mediums. His work is now highly acclaimed and has been exhibited internationally in major cities such as Los Angeles, Hong Kong, New York and London.

We’ve been working with Whatshisname since 2017.

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