Gifts for Art Lovers: Christmas Present Ideas

At artrepublic, we want to make this year's festive season stand out and what better way to do so than through the joy of gifting art? Whether for a loved one, for dear old Dad, for the hard-to-please-teenager or for the kids… think art this Christmas! 

Why give the gift of art at Christmastime?

Art is incredibly personal. This comes down to a combination of individual taste and a sense of connection between the artwork and the space it is hung in. Adding light and bright vibrant colour can be exactly what a dull wall space needs, much like how a minimalist artwork might look best directly above a loud orange chair in the living room.

It is easy to forget that the reward of gifting art can be double that of buying something for yourself. The delight in receiving a piece of art from someone else is much more meaningful than last Christmas’s lumpy jumper. This is because of the way art is personal and treasured: there is no expiry date as art lasts forever.

However, picking the right piece is no easy task. Fortunately, we have created an ‘Artwork Gifts’ page so rather than scrolling through the library of artworks we offer without much idea of what you are looking for, you can browse a selection of our recommended pieces instead!

Or, to help you decide if you don’t already have something in mind, here are a few of our favourite new Autumnal additions, a sneak peek of what we have in store….

For a loved one

Ariel 16 by Joseph Ford

‘Ariel 16’ is a colourfully enticing landscape from one of our best loved photographers Joseph Ford, whose seemingly mundane pieces ooze a sense of the unfamiliar and are curiously more-ish. Atop of which, the large-scale in which he works makes for a distinctively eccentric accomplice to your kitchen or a successful revamp to your dining area.


For Dad


Twixie by Little Fish Design

‘Twixie’ is one of our favourite new works by Little Fish Design, being both eye-catching and conceptually provocative, while brimming with charm and a little tongue-in-cheek frivolity.

His pieces are humorous and lighthearted, affordable and delectable, on top of which, these would prove the perfect gift for a cheeky chocolate-lover on Christmas day…

For a teenager

Hard Being Me by Marcelina Amelia

‘Hard Being Me’ is one of Marcelina Amelia’s recent editions and one of our most favoured works. Taking inspiration from her Polish heritage, her works draw on the themes of sexuality, race and the human condition. She is no stranger to the public eye, she holds a candle to subjects others shy away from in an innately thought-provoking manner, which we are certain would go down well with the fast-growing teenager.

For the kids

Here are a range of two artists we think you will like the look of, well, for the terrors at tea-time to feast their eyes upon:


This VeeBee framed piece


Or a Richard Levine


And, if you still find yourself stumped and nothing is screaming out at you, why not opt for one of our gift cards.... Leaving the decision up to them without losing the sentiment.


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