Author: Imogen Aldridge

Gifts for Art Lovers: Christmas Present Ideas

At Art Republic, we want to make this year's festive season stand out, and what better way to make an occasion special than through the joy of gifting art? Whether you're looking for that perfect gift to please your partner, a hard-to-impress teenager or for a much appreciated parent, think art this Christmas! 

So, why give the gift of art for Christmas? Art is incredibly personal. This comes down to a combination of individual taste and a sense of connection between the artwork and the space it is hung in. Adding light and bright vibrant colour can be exactly what a dull wall space needs, much like how a minimalist artwork might look best directly above a loud orange chair in the living room.

Picking the right piece can be a tricky task. Fortunately, our Art Gifts Page is a helpful guide to finding the right gift for your loved one. Whether they're movie geeks, fashionistas or nature lovers, we have a carefully curated collection just for them. Avoid scrolling with no idea of what you are looking for and browse our selection of our recommended pieces instead!

Before exploring our Arts Gifts Collections, here are a few of our favourite artworks that we think could be perfect for your loved ones - or are a good place to start your search.

Gifts for Art Lovers: Christmas Present Ideas | ImagePoolside Gossip - XL by Slim Aarons

Something for the both of you...

Gifting a partner a thoughtful present is no easy feat. Before you make the final decision, take some time to decide whether you like the artwork as well. After all, it's going to end up on your wall too! This photograph by the renowned photographer Slim Aarons is the perfect present for a partner looking for the centre piece of a room. Slim Aarons' large-scale works make for a distinctive accomplice to a new kitchen or a successful revamp of a dining area.

Gifts for Art Lovers: Christmas Present Ideas | Image

Twixie by Little Fish Design

Something for Dad...

What do you get for a dad who has everything? This humourous print by Little Fish Design might just be the perfect solution. Twixie is one of our favourite works, being eye-catching and conceptually provocative, while brimming with charm and a little tongue-in-cheek frivolity. Little Fish Design's pieces are humorous and lighthearted, affordable and delectable, on top of which, these would prove the perfect gift for a cheeky chocolate-lover on Christmas day.

Gifts for Art Lovers: Christmas Present Ideas | ImageHard Being Me by Marcelina Amelia

For the picky teenager...

Hard Being Me is one of Marcelina Amelia’s beautiful female-centred limited edition prints. Taking inspiration from her Polish heritage, her works draw on the themes of sexuality, race and the human condition. She is no stranger to the public eye; she embraces subjects that others would shy away from in an innately thought-provoking manner, which we are certain would go down well with a fast-growing and thoughtful teenager.

Gifts for Art Lovers: Christmas Present Ideas | Image

Charlie Mondrian by Richard Levine

Kids can appreciate art too!

Art is often viewed as a gift purely adults, but kids appreciate art too! A fun and engaging environment is best for a child's development, and a fun work of art is the first step in creating that stimulating environment. Whether they're a fan of cartoons, or they're younger and you're looking for a calming artwork to place in their nursery, we have the perfect artwork for you. This adorable print by Richard Levine appeals to kids and art lovers alike - just because it's a gift for a child it doesn't mean you can't enjoy it too!

Gifts for Art Lovers: Christmas Present Ideas | Image

Where the Light Shines Through 2 by Emma Reyonlds

The perfect gift for Mum...

Regardless of their child's age, many mums seem to constantly be on the go, with busy schedules meaning there is rarely any time left to relax and care for themselves. A calming work of art is the ideal gift for someone who's constantly on their feet. A serene landscape piece like Where the Light Shines Through 2 by Emma Reyonlds is a gentle reminder to take a breath and make time for yourself once in a while.

If you still find yourself stumped and nothing is catching your eye, why not opt for one of our gift cards, leaving the decision up to them without losing the sentiment.


Wobbly by Erwin Wurm
Wobbly £7,650
Ivy Mike by Robert Longo
Ivy Mike £14,280

Robert Longo


Limited edition of 15

Forest of Doxa by Robert Longo
Balloon Animals I Matching Set by Jeff Koons
Balloon Animals I Matching Set £45,900

Jeff Koons


Limited edition of 999

Diamond (Blue) by Jeff Koons
"Coca Cola" Glass Vase £4,250

Ai Weiwei


Limited edition of 300

Mel Ferrer's Nightmare (Grey With Flowers) by Pure Evil
Mel Ferrer's Nightmare (Grey With Flowers) £1,500

Pure Evil


Limited edition of AP

The Wild Swim from £120

Oli Mumby

Various sizes

Off You Pop by Louise Nordh
Off You Pop £95

Louise Nordh

35 x 35cm

Limited edition of 30

Moving Forms by Mr Penfold
Moving Forms £165

Mr Penfold

26 x 30cm

Limited edition of 15

Inside Mickey's Heart from £150

Angel London

Various sizes

Navy Boy £175

Charlie Evaristo-Boyce

50 x 70cm

Limited edition of 25

I Will Bite from £135

Mathilda Mai

Various sizes

Italian Summer by SODA
Italian Summer £125


42 x 29.7cm

Limited edition of 40

Let's Get It On £595

Linda Charles

56 x 76cm

Limited edition of 45

Wash the Blues Away by Charlie Haydn Taylor
Wash the Blues Away from £150

Charlie Haydn Taylor

Various sizes

Inhale £175

Joe Webb

50 x 70cm

Limited edition of 30

Roarsome - Green by And Wot
Roarsome - Green £195

And Wot

50 x 70cm

Limited edition of 2

Fresh £200

Hannah Adamaszek

60 x 75.5cm

Limited edition of 15

Destroy the Patriarchy Not the Planet (Mini) £400

Hannah Shillito

27.9 x 21cm

Limited edition of 20

Scratchin' Cats (Blue) £150

The Cameron Twins

33 x 36cm

Limited edition of 20

Fast Dog £95

Gavin Dobson

50 x 70cm

Limited edition of 100

In The Sky With Stars £195

Charlie Evaristo-Boyce

70 x 100cm

Limited edition of 16

Gamebuoy by Nick Chaffe
Gamebuoy £100

Nick Chaffe

29.7 x 42cm

Limited edition of 50

Seascape W £300

Newton Blades

50 x 30cm

Limited edition of 100