It’s the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death so here are our top Shakespeare inspired works of art.

'William Shakespeare' is a limited edition giclee from British photographic artist Mark Vessey. A beautiful line up of batter copies of Shakespeare’s 37 plays including many of the classic orange penguin paperbacks.

Ophelia from Shakespears Hamet has inspired artists again and again over the ages.

The best known image is Pre-Raphaelite John Everett Millais version of the tragic heroin. Millais’s treatment of the model for the painting has become infamous, as he forced the young Elizabeth Siddal to lie fully clothed in a tub of cold water while he completed his work.

It also inspired other Pre-Raphaelite artists like Arthur Hughes. This image was used on The Jesus and Mary Chains 1992 album Honey’s Dead.

Finally we have this new ethereal limited edition Ophelia from Rosie Emerson

Swiss artist Henry Fuseli painted a series of images inspired by Shakespeare plays including the Withes from Macbeth and Titania from midsummer night’s dream.

John Singer Sargent painted the famous artist Ellen Terry in one of her most famous rolls as Lady Macbeth.