Nadia Attura

Contemporary artist Nadia Attura mixes landscape photography with tactile collage, to create uncanny utopias of the imagination. Working with a complex and multifaceted process of layering, Attura constructs tableaux, incorporating unexpected imagery, to produce poetic portrayals of place and time. Building up from the photograph - always self taken and on location - Attura works over the image, applying washes, paints, and chalk, until any semblance of reality has given way to an inspired and idealised interpretation of the world.

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Attura has featured twice in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and has been shortlisted on other occasions. Today, she is one of the top 10 best selling artists on Rise Art and one of the top 50 best selling Saatchi Art Artists, ranking in their top 5 photographic artists. She has been featured in The Guardian, and The New York Times, and was named artist of the month in a recent edition of Enki Magazine.

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