Sara Pope

Sara is a contemporary artist renowned for her eye-catching paintings of lips that capture the sensual and seductive power of the mouth. Sara’s glamorous and bold painted lips imitate the slick and flawless images that are used in advertising, questioning societal standards of beauty and the notion of femininity.

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We love how Sara takes such care to create her irresistible images, first painting and photographing her model’s lips, photographing them, and then using these shots as inspiration for her work. Sara uses the knowledge gained from working in media to emulate the glossy images often found on the pages of magazines. In turn, she exposes the toxicity of perfectionism that is rife in the commercial sphere.

After completing a degree in mathematics, Sara felt disconnected to her artistic side and subsequently moved to Barcelona where she completed a course in graphic design. Back in the UK, Sara worked in media as an art director and designer for many years. Her passion for shoe customisation led Sara to study a footwear Diploma at the London College of Fashion, and she has since held the position of shoe designer for brands such as Paul Smith and Lacoste, and consulted for a plethora of other brands. Sara’s work has been shown at Saatchi, the London Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy of Art, and SCOPE Miami. She is also the first British artist in over 70 years to have a work of art accepted into the Vatican collection.

We’ve been working with Sara Pope since 2010.

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