Eddy Bennett

Eddy is an artist and sign maker based in London, UK. Renowned for uniting traditional art techniques with his contemporary colloquialisms and Pop Art aesthetic, Eddy has forged his own space in the contemporary art scene. We love how these eye-catching typographic works are an ode to Eddy’s love of the written word.

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The artist says of his work: “we take words and letters for granted, but the way these shapes, lines and strokes make up an alphabet that we can then interpret as words and phrases in our heads is amazing! I want to make that process of comprehension as beautiful as possible”. Eddy utilises traditional Victorian techniques to create vibrant works of art that are anything but outdated.

After moving from his home county of Cornwall to London, Eddy completed a degree in Illustration and refined his now-renowned style and love for sign writing. Eddy claims this was a natural progression from his earlier work, saying that “after learning the basic techniques, I quickly escalated to throwing hand-painted lettering across London, on almost anything I could find”. Eddy is now an internationally acclaimed artist, producing commissions for clients worldwide.

We’ve been working with Eddy Bennett since 2016.

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