Carl Stimpson

Carl Stimpson is a British painter and printmaker. Born and raised in Kidderminster, West Midlands, Stimpson now lives and works in North London. For over a decade, Stimpson’s practice has drawn on a variety of sources in the development of both its form and content – namely the ‘ligne claire’ style, late‐twentieth‐century popular music and the trademarks of well‐known industrial brands.

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It has only been in the last few years that Stimpson has taken to screenprinting, however he has already acquired a unique take on this process. Often starting with hand painting the colour elements, Stimpson utilises his strong painting background to create distinctive prints. 

Stimpson continues to feature in solo and group exhibitions across the UK. However you can also view his work around the streets of London and sometimes further afield. 

Appreciation for Stimpson’s work is evident across the globe, and it recently initiated his first international solo exhibition in Ekaterinburg, Russia. 

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