David Studwell

David lives and works in London, UK, and he is a contemporary British artist and printmaker whose artwork explores the lives of the rich and famous and the cult of celebrity of the 1960s and 1970s. Deeply inspired by the icons of that era, his work has a tendency to reveal the sinister side of fame and nostalgia. 

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David is best known for highlighting and ‘low-lighting' celebrity culture, capturing celebrities either at the height of their fame or in moments of vulnerability. We love the honesty, and the familiar and not-so-distant history that unravels in each artwork, making us feel as though we are discovering more about ultra famous and sophisticated icons.

David graduated from St Martins School of Art with a degree in Fine Art, and has been working as an artist for over twenty years. He has been exhibited in solo and group shows across the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, and California, USA. His artwork has been collected by high profile clients such as Kate Moss, Sheryl Crow, and Nile Rogers. His artwork has also been featured in various magazines, such as GQ, Elle, and World of Interiors. Of his work, he has said “my motive is to explore celebrity, its dark side as well as what we see in magazines or on TV. That is why I create the mugshots -- to display the flaws celebrities have -- to prove they are only human like you or me. I also want to recreate the mood and glamour of those bygone eras, whilst putting my own unique contemporary stamp on each piece.”  

We’ve been working with David Studwell since 2014.

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