Tracey Emin’s new design for the 2015 Brit Award statue has been be revealed ahead of the Award show, which takes place in February 2015. Emin’s imitable scrawled handwriting is a recognisable characteristic of her artwork and has been included on the statue, which reads: “Congratulations on your talent, on your life, On everything you give to others, Thank You”.

It is the most recent loving and benevolent statement delivered via the medium of art to come from the controversial artist. In 2012 Emin designed one of the official posters for the London Olympic games alongside other artists including Martin Creed, Bridget Riley and Michael Craig-Martin. You could argue that Emin has somewhat soften in recently years when looking back at her earlier expletive heavy text work and has curbed her provocative nature. When asked about designing the statue Emin said: “You want to do it really well. You don’t just want to decorate it, you want to make something that is really Tracey-ish, that is special for the people receiving it."

Tracey Emin is the latest in a line of esteemed British artists chosen to design the Brit Award. Previous people charged with updating the statue include artrepublic favourite Sir Peter Blake, who in 2012 delivered a fittingly Pop version in his signature bold colours complete with his own meticulously written signature and emblems. In 2013 it was the king of the vitrine Damien Hirst who added his iconic multi-coloured dots to the award and in the past Dame Vivienne Westwood has also contributed to proceedings.