Street art sensation Ben Eine has been the talk of the town recently. Not only has the typographic wiz released a red-hot new silk-screen edition, ‘Revolution’, which has been flying out the door at artrepublic, Eine has also just launched his new project ‘URBAN’ in Tokyo, Japan. The latest venture from the king of street lettering is a collaboration with Fragile Ventures, a company who specialises in helping artists develop their work into three-dimensional forms and communicate it to the world.


Eine has created 3 hand-cast limited edition cubes, in concrete, wood and metal. Each cube features an etched or engraved ‘E’ in one of the artists signature ‘Circus’, ‘Tenderloin’ and ‘Shutter’ fonts. In a recent interview with The Independent Eine described how he sees himself as a protector of dying out handmade skills. His view of the cubes was, “They’re just so beautiful. They’re all hand finished. I spent the last week in my studio in San Francisco sanding them down and hand waxing them. They are just really tactile, I can’t stop touching and poking them.”

Eine also recently made headlines when he revealed that David Cameron made a joke about ‘Berlusconi’s Jacuzzis and whores’ when the street artist was invited for tea at 10 Downing Street. Famously Eine’s painting ‘Twenty-First Century City’ was gifted to Barack Obama in 2010 from David Cameron when the PM made his first official trip to Washington. Eine was rather sceptical regarding whether the painting was actually on show in the White House; “I’ve never seen the painting after they picked it up. It’s probably in the cupboard of unwanted gifts that they only get out when that foreign dignitary comes backs to visit.”