Magnus Gjoen’s elegant and meticulously crafted prints are always incredibly well received at artrepublic and the artist is definitely a firm favourite. Magnus’ images explore a variety of subjects including ideas surround religion, destruction, instability and strength. His new fantastic grenade editions continue his questioning of the meaning and power of objects.

Magnus Gjoen Grenades

In ‘Jasperware Grenade’ Magnus has juxtapose a modern hand grenade constructed from antique stoneware. Jasperware is a type of pottery, which was first developed by Josiah Wedgewood, the famous ceramicist and founder of Wedgewood back in the 1770s. Noted for its distinct pale blue colour, Jasperware became synonymous with decadence and was Wedgewood’s most famous line of products.

AK-47 Concert of Birds by Magnus Gjoen

All of Gjoen’s reinterpreted objects are created digitally and begin life as a virtual 3D base in illustrator or another design program. From then the artist builds up layers of tone and shading to give the image three-dimensional qualities. The new print brilliantly combines the power and destruction of a weapon with the fragility and vulnerability associated with porcelain/stoneware. The print is great value and would make a fabulous Christmas present, but be quick because prints by Magnus Gjoen don’t tend to hang around.