Fresh from their recent studio relocation to west London, those scamp-like design boys who call themselves Static have paid us a visit and thankfully, and more importantly, brought some brand new artwork with them.

They have continued in their rich vein of political commentary, but unlike artists such as Banksy whose artwork imagery suggests and hints toward a social or political message, Static’s pieces feature actual scenes in history that refer to key moments. With work touching on the Cuban missile crisis, the Paris riots as well as the conflict in Northern Ireland their images portray a scene not always as we remember.

Their latest limited edition ‘Mexican Stand-Off’ features a scene from the political summit discussing the Cuban missile crisis. Apparently this meeting was described in the news at the time as being like a Mexican stand-off. Thus a superb 13 colour screen print with 4 layers of varnish was born.

Static’s second recent release is ‘Circus 4 Oil’. The original of this print has been and gone from our London gallery walls leaving this truly amazing 20 layer screen print with two extra spray paint layers in its wake. Static’s prints are of such quality it puts much of the competition to shame, these are definitely seen to be believed.

‘Going Once’ again features an old black and white image that has been ‘enhanced’, however this piece is less political and more of a comment toward the nature of today’s urban art market where it seems that as soon as something is sprayed onto a wall it is for sale and someone is bidding for it.