Author: Imogen Aldridge

The art of black paintings: How to add a dark touch to your home

Many people select artwork that will simultaneously brighten up their home and add a dose of much-needed colour to their interiors. Nevertheless, often a darker painting can have an equally as dramatic and eye-catching influence.

This is especially true when black paintings are placed against a light block colour background. It’s a brilliant way to create a striking contrast, whether you choose to arrange multiple images together to create a gallery wall or to focus on just one single piece.

Black paintings are additionally very effective at bringing a certain mood to a room depending on their subject matter, composition and overall size. Dark images of nature can be used to evoke an aura of elegance and mystery, while bolder pop art-inspired prints can add playfulness to a space without being too in-your-face.

Unsure how to master the art of black paintings in your own home? Here we take a look at a few artists’ works that are perfect for adding a touch of darkness and drama to your walls.

Make a style statement with Antonio Brasko

Sophisticated and sleek, Antonio Brasko’s fashion-inspired prints are a stunning choice for bright and airy rooms in need of a little creative flair. The Oregon-based artist has worked hard to develop an inimitable abstract style that merges high-end fashion with echoes of both peppy pop culture and more traditional fine art.

The art of black paintings: How to add a dark touch to your home | Image

Chanel Abstract, Black, 2019 by Antonio Brasko

His Chanel Abstract is a no-brainer for those with a passion for fashion. The piece also reflects classic motifs of street art with its paint splattered border, large scale and eclectic use of materials. Thanks to its immense size, the predominantly all-black painting is the perfect statement piece for a central blank wall in your home – whether that’s in a living room, bedroom or entrance hall.

Evoke the beauty of nature with Robert Owen Bloomfield’s landscapes

While you might picture nature as containing a riot of different colours, there’s something very appealing and almost ethereal about seeing it from a monochrome perspective. One artist who is a master of creating black paintings of the natural world is Robert Owen Bloomfield.

The London-based artist uses typical street art techniques to produce thought-provoking pieces that are simultaneously classic and undeniably contemporary. His series of black landscape paintings mostly depict mountain scenery inspired by different terrains from around the globe. Many feature a mesmerising mist effect – such as his piece Above the Mist – that has been painstakingly created via the innovative use of spray paint.

The art of black paintings: How to add a dark touch to your home | Image

Above the Mist by Robert Owen Bloomfield

Whether placed against a white wall or integrated into a distinctive colour scheme, Bloomfield’s black paintings are truly timeless and easily stimulate the imagination with their simple, stripped back beauty.

Add a little playfulness with Whatshisname’s Balloon Dog art

If you like your art to be a little tongue-in-cheek, a darker print with a pop art edge may be the ideal fit. Highly-acclaimed Polish-born artist, Whatshisname, is famed for his digital prints that poke a satirical finger at well-known popular culture artists. While many of his pieces feature bold bursts of colour typical to more traditional pop art, his POPek Black series is strikingly monochrome.

The art of black paintings: How to add a dark touch to your home | Image

POPek Black by Whatshisname

Inspired by the balloon animal sculptures created by American artist, Jeff Koons, Whatshisname’s own Balloon Dogs collection is designed to put a smile on your face with its creativity and cheek. His black digital giclée prints of his original sculptures look fantastic in modern homes and can slip nicely into almost any décor scheme.

Keep it personal with Ricky Byrne’s zodiac-inspired black prints

For some, choosing art that has some kind of personal connection is crucial. This might be a print that nods to your favourite music genre or a canvas depicting a destination you’re particularly drawn to. Why not take this concept to a new level with a piece with astrological links?

Black and gold is an elegant colour combo that’s been used effortlessly in Ricky Byrne’s zodiac series. The London-based artist is known for creating stunning screen prints that are minimalistic in their aesthetic yet always attention-grabbing in their subject matter. Whether you’re a Gemini or an Aries, the simplistic design and traditional typography make the prints a great match for living rooms and home office spaces.

The art of black paintings: How to add a dark touch to your home | Image

Gemini by Ricky Byrne

Byrne’s distinct use of photography, printmaking and digital techniques can also be seen in his Rose 1 screen print. Predominantly black in colour, it also features a delicate pink rose at its centre. The two designs sit in stark contrast to each other and you might even interpret them as exemplifying the intrinsic relationship between life (the rose) and death (the dark circle of black surrounding it).

Look to the animal world with Owain George’s monochrome photorealism

Keen to bring the animal world into your home? Owain George’s incredibly detailed, photorealistic depictions of wildlife from Asia and Africa offer both beauty for your walls and a chance to reflect on humanity’s ever-evolving connection with nature.

George was shortlisted for the Wildlife Artist of the Year in 2017 and is definitely one to watch when it comes to provocative, animal-inspired art. While many of his works are vibrant with colour, some boast black as the central shade. This purposefully dark palette, as seen in Abated Breath, is subtly used to reflect the ongoing dangers faced by many animal species.

The art of black paintings: How to add a dark touch to your home | Image

Abated Breath by Owain George

The larger-than-life portrait of a tiger fills the frame, yet the jet-black background gives the illusion of the creature disappearing into darkness – just like it might eventually disappear from the Earth due to extinction.

If you’re feeling inspired to add a classic black painting to your home décor, take a look at our full collections of black artworks. The timeless shade can easily be integrated into any interior scheme and is wonderful at adding emotion or a subtle sense of style to a space.

black artworks

Crested Black Bear - Aluminium Edition by Dylan Floyd
Crested Black Bear - Aluminium Edition £150

Dylan Floyd

29.7 x 42 cm

Limited Edition of 75

Honey Bee, 2020 by Dylan Floyd
Honey Bee, 2020 £35 £25

Dylan Floyd

20 x 20cm

Limited Edition of 500

Amazing Black (Poster) £50

Charlie Evaristo-Boyce

50 x 70cm

Limited Edition of 200

Crested Black Bear - Aluminium Edition (Pre-framed) by Dylan Floyd
Ready To Hang
Crested Black Bear - Aluminium Edition (Pre-framed) £325

Dylan Floyd

40 x 52 cm (Frame Included)

Limited Edition of 75

Some Like It Goth Glitter Edition £120

Cassandra Yap

59.4 x 42 cm

Limited Edition of 50

Japan Cat £300 £250

Mr. Wu

59.4 x 84.1 cm

Limited edition of 20

Arés by Not Now Nancy
Arés £70

Not Now Nancy

15 x 15cm

Limited Edition of 100

Future Penguin £150

Colour Black

35 x 50cm

Limited Edition of 100

Ishtar £280

Magnus Gjoen

50 x 50 cm

Limited Edition of 80


Alex Khabbazi

42 x 59.4cm

Limited Edition of 35

It Could Have Been a Film £100

Colour Black

35 x 50cm

Limited Edition of 100

Still Searching £85

Lene Bladbjerg

40 x 50 cm

Limited Edition of 100

About the Dead, Either Well or Nothing... £600

Magnus Gjoen

57 x 70 cm

Limited Edition of 40

Roses are Dead Broken £700

Magnus Gjoen

70 x 70 cm

Limited Edition of 50

Cloaked £150

Charles Edgar

40 x 40cm

Limited Edition of 100

Banana Message £60 £60

Colour Black

35 x 50 cm

Limited Edition of 300

One Queen (2) Black £375

Agent X

50 x 72 cm

Limited Edition of 50

Fried Egg £60

Colour Black

35 x 50 cm

Limited Edition of 100

Listen Up £175

Owain George

42 x 60cm

Limited Edition of 50