Shopping on a budget doesn't have to be restrictive. At Art Republic, we pride ourselves on providing art for a range of budgets and we have plenty of inspiring limited edition artworks to choose from, regardless of your price requirements.

If you’re struggling for gift ideas, here are five of our favourite artworks all under £500! 

Rich Enough to be Batman - US Dollar Note 3rd Edition by Heath Kane

Heath Kane

This witty print by Heath Kane is the perfect gift for pop culture lovers. Depicting former President George Washington wearing the iconic Batman mask, this political print provokes serious questions about wealth and social contribution using Heath’s signature witty undertones. The benefits to this print don't stop there: as the artist painted on a  legitimate dollar bill, this is an innovative and lighthearted way to give money as a gift for special occasions! This humorous yet intriguing artwork poses the question: if you were rich enough to be Batman, what would you do with all that wealth? At such a reasonable price, this thought-provoking present is sure to delight and impress.

It Is Wot It Is by Antony 'H' Haylock

Antony 'H' Haylock 

If you’re looking for the ideal present for a fun-loving partner, friend or family member, look no further than this humorous giclée print by Antony ‘H’ Haylock. This nostalgic depiction of a crumpled bag of discarded crisps is not what it first seems. Looking closer, Antony’s typography appears, completely reimagining the iconic crisp packet and giving it a new lease of life. Subtle yet effective, Antony's tongue-in-cheek typography is a nod to the cheesy nostalgic objects associated with childhood that contain “the power to evoke an emotion, a memory, a visual time stamp”. A witty play on the popular Wotsits name, this lighthearted message makes for the perfect uplifting present.

The artist speaks of the irony of this crisp packet print: "After hearing the title of this time and time again in conversation I kept mulling over ideas...then one day walking into the local corner shop there the display way and it all fell perfectly into place. The phrase 'it is what it is' is a terrible one, making it sound like you accept without question what you are fed. The irony being often people only see the Wotsits pack and not the real meaning of the piece.”

POPeK Black by Whatshisname


Whatshisname’s parodying compositions are not only a great gift for the lighthearted person in your life, but they’re ideal for art lovers too! The artist’s satirical artworks are a witty take on popular culture and the work of popular artist Jeff Koons. These charming balloon dog figures come in different colours and positions too, so make sure to browse Whatshisname's Collection. With its ability to appeal to all ages, this gift is sure to be a hit. Aiming to stimulate inspiration and break boundaries of creativity, this witty artwork transforms the ordinary and plays on the unexpected actions of the small balloon dog, providing viewers with a quick distraction from everyday life.

Future Fossils - Ichnike by Dan David

Dan David

Ever wondered what a 21st century fossil would look like? Dan David’s lighthearted sculpture of a Nike Air Max shoe print seems to be the answer. The hand carved limestone sculpture is a great present for a fashion or shoe lover, and is a step away from other limited edition artworks. Dan places a large amount of importance in traditional techniques like stone carving, yet creates his individual identity by combining said techniques with contemporary visual influences. This work is an investigation into the impermanence of cultural trends and the contrasting permanence of fossils and hard wearing materials like stone. Each fossil arrives in a bespoke box too, so you don’t have to worry about fancy wrapping paper!

I Only Want Everything - Hand Finished AP special edition by Marcelina Amelia

Marcelina Amelia

If your budget is slightly higher, why not indulge in this stunning artwork by Marcelina Amelia? This hand finished portrait is a detailed glance into the life of its sitter. Marcelina creates work that celebrates body positivity and self acceptance, making this the perfect uplifting gift. Of her work, the artist has said: “I like to play at the tense borders between lust and innocence; joy and sadness; fun and pain...although some of the subjects I take on are often quite dark I like to think that there is some humour and light in my finished artwork.” As this work is hand finished by the artist, each is slightly different and it makes an extra-special gift.

If none of these artworks are catching your eye, make sure to browse our vast collection of Gifts Under £500 in our curated collection.