Otto Schade

Otto Alexis Schade is a Chilean born artist with German roots. He initially studied Architecture at the Bio University of Chile. As a successful architect, he has been awarded for public and private projects. Even so, Osch aka ‘Otto Schade’ has always felt an avid fascination for Surrealism, as well as the freedom which surrounds abstract painting. This influence has meant he has been able to turn his creative skills to painting and he left Chile to pursue his passion for art - and show his work throughout Europe.

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With an artistic style fluctuating between the boundaries of surrealism and abstract, the themes for his works are generally related to the artist’s private stories, offering a unique insight into his dreams and obsessions, as well as political issues. Working mainly with oil paint and traditional supports - such as stretched canvas, he also practices other techniques such as collage, illustration and stencil. Join us at artrepublic and enjoy Osch aka Otto Scahade ’s limited edition art prints ranging from abstract and surrealism.

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